Monday, April 25, 2005

i went soooooo off-track on my last blog.
it was supposed to be a 'bitter, spleen-venting diatribe' on the horrors of modern day telivision. yuk, and don't get me started etc.

instead, the nephew led me sweetly astray- to a much happier place.
very handy to have one of these around. they could almost make one a better person.

oh, here he comes again. this soppy love-story is a bit much. i'll save you the gory details and go snuggle up with him now. ta.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

so it's been almost a month of inactivity on the blogfront. highly incapacitated due to absence of any functional computer in the vicinity [meaning my house], i had to resort to ..ugh.. extended hours of tv viewing to kill Time and His buddies- Restlessness and Ennui.

after enduring through a month of highly banal-cringe-and-you-miss-it programs on cable, the whoops of joy i let out on sighting the old monitor back where it belonged, adjacent to another favorite haunt of mine, the dining table, are understandable. one could almost say my cup ranneth over.. and that i sponged around and under my cup hoping for it to runneth over again and again without any misgivings as to the extra housework involved. hah. what a wonderful world.

so anyway, this gives third party observers an interesting insight into my universe. it says to them, oh. if this is the sort of thing that amounts to a high point in her life, the poor girl needs a new one.
me, being very blase about the whole thing of course, can cock a snook at them.. in spite of not knowing what the hell that expression means, i will very well cock a snook at them, esp because it sounds like the right kind of thing to do under the circs. highly satisfying phrase that. and to think i thought i'd never actually use it in a real sentence. [i probably won't when i'm speaking, but this is close enough].

on a level much closer to my heart than computers [you don't say?], my nephew [being the sole hot-looking stud-muffin under 3 feet in the middle east region] is developing beautifully.. it's a swoony feeling whenever he starts doing something for the first time in his life, or for that matter, any of our lives. him doing it that is.
like when he took his first fumbling steps, and only i was around.
when he first made noises that actually meant something real, like BUH.. for bird.
when him and i play a special game that only the both of us understand, and the rest of the world is switched off for all we care.
when he learns new tricks and shows off for us, and gives the most heart-wrenching cheeky grin in the world of imps that ever was..
and a hundred million things that would bore the hell out of everyone who hasn't had the fortune to see him live [laaeev].. but that leave me ready to burst with the joy of it all.

all in all, the last month wasn't too bad.. in retrospect.

Friday, April 22, 2005

am back from the dead..