Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i turned 23 the other day. quietly, smoothly, and as expected.

dave matthews was an amusing hottie when i first heard:
"23, and so tired of life
such a shame to throw it all away."

i see things very differently today.
i am wise...*bwuhahahhahahahahaaa!!!@!!!!*

the week ahead

i'm going home this sunday. for a month or more...
this is the beginning of a very, very important piece of my life-pie. i'm mostly lost for words on this one. and i'm mostly telling this to my boomsas, flabyy-das, zubins, lauras, shros,chys and other important personalities. mins like, the close-to-my-heart-clique.

it'll be a while till my next blog. jammu is famous for being non-conducive to instant connectivity. of the internet kind.

buh bye. maa'-as-salaam. *POOF!*

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I finally submit to the superiority of machine over man. at least this computer, over me.
I am as nothing compared to the incredible genius of html-savvy folks... seeing as my sweet little idea of putting up pictures of this and that has wreaked havoc on how the text on my blog looked, i have taken the easier way out... i have created a whole new blog just for pics and descriptions of them.
on your right, ladies and gentlemen, as a link.

i am now going to bed, to curl up under my comforter [funny name, that] and dream horrible dreams of defeat and ridicule at the hands of Computer Languages.
buh bye.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

hullo.. where are my links..?
and archives?
and other things that in a perfect world i would find on the right-hand side of my blog?
[damn you, forget about pictures on the blog.. just leave it be..]

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

day-time temperatures have moved in and smoothly settled at the 42 degrees Celsius mark.
we have made a habit of getting out of the house for extreme outdoor shopping at noon everyday.
i have lost my sunglasses.
and my sun-block cream.
i am doing absolutely nothing to rectify the above situish.
I am such a LOSERRRRRRRRRR...... bwuhahahhahahaaha.

[please. no snide remarks about the sun affecting me. as if i can't see that clearly.]

and i am turning into a prune.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

i have just about had it. really.. 3 plus hours spent staring at the monitor, following instructions like a well-trained circus orangutan.. download this, fill in these details.. all your photos up on your blog before you can say whatchamacallit and similar crapstuff. Posted by Hello

to a jugular bean

first off, gezhundeit! for every phlegm-filled sneeze you execute..

secondly, as to aunt-nephew relations in the mid-east, there are various opinions on the subject.
from a technical viewpoint, i would be entitled to any sort of mischief with said nephew, seeing as the toddler is not the offspring of my immediate brother or sister..also, the factoid of huge-age-gap-female-elder-than-male-blah-blah is a non-issue.
however, 2 huge prohibitory situations exist:
a] i am muchly married.
b] he is but an infant.. paedophilia is [rightly] punishable with all sorts of horrific, err.. punishments. hopefully stoning, lashing and public exceution. [some would say i have strong feelings on this subject].

very glad to have made your acquaintance..any further enquiries on above subject, or others, can be sent ahead without batting eyelids.ta.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

a world turning ugly

a teenager was very, very rude to her mother yesterday. i happened to be sitting right there, plum in between the two.

at any moment things could have turned ugly with me lashing out in a perfectly arched backhand at said rude teenager. not that it was my place to be hitting out at what i considered highly inappropriate and mind-numbingly dsturbing behaviour. but still you know. one feels like it.

in retrospect, the delinquent wasn't even entirely to blame. the mother had put in years and years of seriously spoiling rotten her offspring into a lazy, irresponsible, prejudiced, demanding and, ultimately, pretty non-likeable sort of a person. add a mistimed [though reasonable] question from the mother figure, and you see spwarks. instant conflagration. mins, conflict. rude back-and-forths. unberlievable audacity.

why i found all of this profoundly disturbing was because i was 'putting myself in the other person's shoes'. you see, i have been through adoloscence myself. it wasn't pretty for my mama, but i can tell you this. i wouldn't have got through a fraction of what went on in the above-mentioned episode without finding myself thrown out on my bottom all alone in the cold dark streets, cut off from my parents' estate and cetera. no, i'll take it one step further. i don't think it at all likely that i could have even dreamed up the balls to insult my parents in a manner close to what i witnessed. very spine-chilling.

even more spine-chilling... within a quarter of an hour after this friendly banter between the two had concluded, the mother meekly extended the olive branch to the apple of her eye..

just so that there would be no hard feelings in the perfect mom-daughter bonding movie-picture.
you know, the rose-hued one. with the soft OST and pink bubbles? yes, that one.

so, yesterday for a good bit i was thinking that the world had turned ugh-ly.