Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i turned 23 the other day. quietly, smoothly, and as expected.

dave matthews was an amusing hottie when i first heard:
"23, and so tired of life
such a shame to throw it all away."

i see things very differently today.
i am wise...*bwuhahahhahahahahaaa!!!@!!!!*


Jugular Bean said...

Harpy Birthday of the belated kind!

longblackveil said...

thwanx you.
of the universal kind.

Roger Stevens said...

Happy Birthday for the other day. You are soooooooooooo young!

Computers...'s all magic really isn't it?

longblackveil said...

rogerstevens: *snort!* for me it is..
ask any 3 year old today the same question though, and they'd give you very condescending looks plus shake their little precocious heads in a sorry, sympathetic manner.sigh.