Wednesday, May 25, 2005

the week ahead

i'm going home this sunday. for a month or more...
this is the beginning of a very, very important piece of my life-pie. i'm mostly lost for words on this one. and i'm mostly telling this to my boomsas, flabyy-das, zubins, lauras, shros,chys and other important personalities. mins like, the close-to-my-heart-clique.

it'll be a while till my next blog. jammu is famous for being non-conducive to instant connectivity. of the internet kind.

buh bye. maa'-as-salaam. *POOF!*


Boomsa said...

OH MY GOD. I can't WAIT for you to be in the same, erm, country. Can we meet someplace? In the middle? Please? And please tell more? What's up? Please? Mail me. I loves you.

longblackveil said...

right back, boomsa..