Saturday, March 31, 2007

And then there were none.

Uh-oh... I think our girls are actually boys. Boomsaaaaa, what do we do, what do we do?

What a stupid question. What is there to do? We'll just have to stop calling them "Ladies".

Amazing Race!!!!

We're going to try to get on it. Woooo hoooo!

(See our application. Click on the title.)

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Read additional synopsis here

Here's a beauty from that page: "Pakistan lost the match because of their batting -- their top scorer was extras with 29."


(Muttering profanities like yenything)

And look at these sweet babes. Awwww.

Haw haw

Well done, Ireland. A wet fish smack in the face of the "champions" Pakistan. Damn them. Growing up being a huge fan, drooling every time Imran Khan deigned to smile, crinkly eyes and all, actual breathing trouble when Wasim and Waqar would clean up the oppositon [and especially when Wasim would smile, glare, stare, huff up, even do nothing, so long as that hot mama was on screen], Saeed Anwar pre- and post- ghastly beard stage, Moin Khan yakking non-stop behind the stumps, "Val done, bvois, val done!", Inzy lazily winning matches, Abdul Razzak being a serious good boy, Saqlain and more recently Danish looking nuts during their bowling and also otherwise, Shahid Berserk Afridi shamelessly losing it more often than not on-field, and hundreds of other tiny, proud memories over the years. And it's all come to this. *Bitter laughter to fade*
Standing ovation to Bangladesh and Ireland. Show them what's what.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In retrospect, we've moved

Meaning, I omitted to inform my vast readership base of 3 people, that Boo and I have moved to newer, more colourful digs.

This was our pretty Dona Maria 202 Cat Corner, but without any cats. You can only ever understand the analogy if you have had the chance to see Boo stretched out at a strange angle by the window with the sun falling on her goofily smiling face. Purrrrrr.

Hello, Cats!

Boo and I have kids now. Please wear full-sleeved pants and protective upper-body clothing when you come to visit us. Our affectionate, wild, nutty chicks have a tendency to endurance test any visible skin. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED......

Friday, March 02, 2007

Down my street one lovely morning.

Hutchins looks lovely in purple.
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My two hearts. Frundships. Babes. Boomsa and Tits.
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Don't know why I took so long to put this up:

Enjaaai. And for those of you who haven't yet read it, what gives?

Happy Birthday, Mama

That's my mama in a pretty saree, wayyyyy back when. And that extremely stoned item in her arm is me. (I have no excuse for looking the way I look. I'm sorry.)
Hope you have a superb birthday, mater. Have funs, have laughs, have a lot of good fooderies, and have someone give you diamonds. Haw haw.