Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas and Harping on the New Year, to all.

I love this time of the year. It's called the 'good riddance' phase.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Oh, my God, the coincidence. The miraculous eerie coincidence.
Had a marvellous real-life rendition of this by Boomsa at Potato's Blushing Bride party this past Saturday night. Could not/would not believe that it could be an actuality.

And now, ye gods, I have video footage, with detailed and complete lyrics. Many thanks to the younger Chandrasekaran for making my day.

Pls read magnificent lyrics off her site first, then take the plunge for the video.

Boo at The Octopus

Yay, yay, yay.
I had much funs, dear Boo.
You and the Ostrich, red and green, Shanky on stringed instrument, great weather, good food, strong sheeshaa and Tadaaaaaa! We have ourselves a great evening, ladies and gen'lemen.

Am muchly proud of it. *huggs**mwuaaah*

I shall stalk it at all future performances though you'll probably find me out because of my long black veil.
And also, because you happen to know me.

So, until next time.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sending out an SOS!!!

There's a reason for 3 exclamation marks in my title. It suggests Urgency.

The crisis is as such.
Am living in divine, large, roomy, airy, comfy, furnished 1-bedroom flat in a pretty sleepy residential part of town.
No, that is not the problem, thank you very much, smarty-pants.
That is the intro to the problem.
The trouble arises in the fact that that current flatmate is moving in to neighboring digs with Her Heartthrob.
Not leaving me in the lurch with immediate effect, but in time, that could be the state of affirs.
The crux of the matter is, if and when it happens, this writer shall not be able to bear the economic burden of monthly rent by her lonesome self. Sob.

So, hence, therefore, thusly, and ergo , am all eyes peeled for new lady persons to move in with me. This is very important. I am firm on this point. I will not have men/boys/ants/goats as flatmates.
This offer is open in Bangalore. For those of you in Delhi, Mumbai, Afghanistan or Jamaica, who jumped up with joy at this serendipitious [spelling ok?] news, too bad. Unless you want to go on living wherever you currently live and split my rent with me anyways?
*beatific smile at the thought*

So. Sing the Police song as stated in the title, and gimme a ring!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I watched that lovely, lovely movie Almost Famous over the weekend.

And again, was smitten by this gorgeous kid Patrick Fugit.
How sweet was he?
Awww shucks.

Of course, Kate Hudson was smashing, but this boy Took A Little Piece Of My Heart

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Octopus

Finally, after years and years, I made it to Opus.
Watched the Ostrich and buddies playing Hooky. Far, far better setting for brilliant music of the kind that they play. Pat on back for the crowd.

Boomsa was gorgeous in red swari. She was, as remarked upon by a gentleman on alighting from stage, having both traditional and spiritual. Yahahahahah.

Completely enjoyed the entire evening. Even the nibbles we had were good, plus I had a little Double Apple sheesha. 4 puffs exactly, because beyond that I tend to get nauseous.

Joke of the nuit: My fresh Fruit Punch- IRS 175/-
Friend's pint of KingFisher's- IRS 65/-

Ye gods.

Boomsa and Tinkerbell crashed at my house afterwards. Yeah!!!! My house, my house! I can say that after so long. It's a nice, warm and slightly fuzzy feeling.

Had mega-omelettes at about 0130 hrs in the morning because of hunger pangs. Boomsa is veg, but now, thank god, loves omelette. We shall have many more, my frundhsips. Just come off anytimes.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Watched Hook perform at Central last Friday. Vot a vonderfuls. I shall not rave much about the Ostrich, or the Shanks or the Prakashes, that make up said band. In a word, they were brilliance.

Very bizarre setting for the performance though. A mall. With 2 freaky kids causing Boomsa and me much discomfort and annoynace. Boomsa esp, since one of the kids was dressed in a strangely revolting polka-dotted pink thingy.

Post show, we headed onwards and upwards to the food court and I had me a chicken stroganoff. From an over the counter fast-food stall. In my defense I have to say I was very hungry. And so, I enjoyed even that.

Interesting aside: Was stared out of countenance by a lady sitting across from me. For the entire duration of my meal. Because we were of the same religious leanings and I looked so outwardly? Boo and friend were amused. They were certain that it was a stare-marathon with penultimate Matriminial Objective. Haha, I say. If only the lady knew!

And then..... Most interesting incident occurred as I vroomed away to my new digs. Was zipping along on a nice clean, open stretch of M.G.Road, doing a comfortable 40-50 kph, when from out of nowhere, a soddy and very smashed old man dragged his bicycle and started walking across the road. MoBiker Man in front of me screeches and swerves just in time. Myself, not so lucky. I screech, I swerve, and I fall. And get dragged along for a few seconds.
Contrary to popular belief, your life does not flash before your eyes in the last few seconds. Or whatever. Nope.
What I was wondering as I looked back in slo-mo at the oncoming traffic, helmet scraping ground beautifully all the while, was, which one of these lucky vehicles is going to *whump* over me in a bit. Not pleasant, but highly practical thinking, if I may say so myself.

Sweet, touching events unfolded once I had finished my Impressive Skideroo. A magical crowd gathered up to gather me. Some kind soul handed me my mobile phone which had made an escape bid onto the road. Some other kind soul handed me my toe ring. Wha..? How?

I have this to say about sudden accidents. The shock that kicks in for the first few minutes after is really very, very interesting. You get a third-person take on yourself. Sort of disembodied feel. Very nice, I say. I don't need to try drugs if I keep this up.

SO anyway, collected myself in about 10 minutes. Bid fond farewell to the sidewalk where I had been sitting.
On reaching home, found that the kurta I had been wearing [*sniff* one of my favourites too, from Brahma], had been rudely torn apart through my fleece jacket- also ripped; and my jeans were on their last legs. Had painful but necessary hot bath and thanked The UpAbove for letting me hang around here for a bit more.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Go, boys!