Friday, March 25, 2005

playing 123.5

saw this 'funtime-activity' on a blog-link off simplesimon's page.. soleil, i think.
so just for fun..

page 123, line 5 from the book nearest my computer..

The Heart of a Goof- P.G.Wodehouse

"Golf had no surprises for them, no gallant spirit of adventure."

aah, heck.
the temptation with wodehouse is to also put down the previous and succeeding 20 lines... how is a random line from a random page going to make clear to anyone, the mastery of the man that was wodehouse..
now i'm cheesed off.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

today was allllllll about hanif.. that means you, boomsa, but it actually means... the cutest behemoth ever to hit our screens and various playing fields across the world .

many sighs i sighed for him today.. i also admit being smitten by the dashing younis khan..

india had the pakis in some heavy soup early this morning. but in sauntered a khan, and then lumbered up the Haq. . and then that was that.
tee hee.

Monday, March 21, 2005

have just been and visited simplesimon's random ruminations .. have found it lovely reading.. have added to links.. and although simple simon is not a person i know i know, that is where the link will go..

thanks you, boomsa.. mins, another niceness from your end to mine. *silly grin thing*

Sunday, March 20, 2005

watched 'hitch'... [mindless adoloscence crush on will smith is back. hubba hubba.]

watched 'farenheit 9/11'.. nothing too special.. already knew and appreciated what creeps bush and his cronies were.. this movie just added some particulars. also had some disturbing graphics from the iraq invasion. ugh really. and bush DOES look like a simian, with due respect to those creatures.

watched 'page 3'.. nice, nice. loved sandhya mridul, as always. konkona sen was hmmm.

match 2.. india wins!

dear el topple..
the wall stood tall again.. and again.. meaning 2 swell centuries, one in each innings. briliant to watch. yaay. very happy for your happy blushes.

next game.... BANGALORE!!!!!
who's going? who? who?
or rather, who isn't..?

in any case, i'm going to be watching, so if any of you do plan to go, wear distinctive clothing and a hold up cheesy and/or crazy banners.
oh yes, and also let me know in advance so i keep my eyes well-peeled for the likes of you's.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2 nice bumper stickers i saw here and there.

Confucious say "Man who stands on toilet is high on pot."
"As a matter of fact, my father does own the road..."
movies i want to watch and haven't yet. some of these are still running, so shame on me:

1] finding neverland
2] eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
3] million dollar baby
4] hitch
5] the final cut
6] farenheit 9/11
7] spongebob squarepants
8] being john malkovich
9] page 3
10]exorcist- the beginning [just and only because i liked the original one, ok?]
12]one flew over the cuckoo's nest [!! yes, yes, i know.]
13]the shining [hullo again, mr nicholson]
14]finding nemo
15]shark tale
16]gods and monsters
17]in the bedroom
19]chokher bali [in bengali, with english subtitles pls]
20]khaamosh paani
and so on and so forth..

i have however, watched sideways and closer.
very funny movie, the latter. very. and i don't mean funny as in humorous.
am going to illegally download and watch more.


my old school!!

how sweet.. i found this yussturday..
very lovely predictable cheesy verbose thingmajig.
click title.. yeaaaayyyyyyy!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

match summary

Test 1 was, thankfully, easy on the appetite..
no matter who you were cheering for..
because it was a good match. period.
very well played, pakis. good job sticking it out for an unbelievable amount of time. 7th wicket partnership in gold letters and for posterity. *many pats on shoulder to young kamran akmal. usual swoony grins for razzaq*.
nothing need be said about the indian batting. splendidly done. mr sehwag- special mention.
the wall- swoony grin for you as well. [el topple is doubtless thrilled].
the bowling however, ermm. not going there.

in a word, nicest match. all are well primed for the next.
to end on the appetite note, as begun, it's whetted.
see you, eden gardens.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

rain since the morning..
no play so far..
no pores, no sixes.. and no wickets.
harrumph. [have always wanted to use this expression and only today have found the appropriate circs.]
a potato

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


erm... i don't know how to create a links section..
*cringe cringe*
but anyway, this is one of my favorite blogspots to loaf around in.

day 1

commenced 0825 hrs..
grandpater was up [how kyoot!] and about from the 1st ball bowled.
i joined shamefacedly an hour later..
to summarise: pakis-312 all out, at the end of day's play.
will wait and watch with bated breath on the morrow.

half the family is with india, the rest with pakistan.. i'm secretly planning on dressing up the nephew as inzy.. hanif, u must be glad.
although the nephew's parents are strongly and staunchly siding with an india.
*hyuk hyuk hyahahaa..*

Monday, March 07, 2005

mark mark mark..

pls to see:

and so on for aye..
thats been the state of things since i went concerting at the dubai media city ampitheatre.. beauteous night of march the 3rd.. gorgeousness weathers.
and mr mark knopfler..
on the dot, at 9:00 pm as promised in the promos..
in white shirt and blue jeans-pents.
with nice sensible and sexy spectacles..
a 55 yr old hubba hubba.
and then he started singing. to me. only mins only for me.
crooning more like.
warbling, serenading and things.
it was a love happening.

[fully appreciate the appreciative crowd alongside me.. 10,000 strong it turns out, which is a very very big deal in dubai]. i thought there were only about 10,000 people in totum.