Sunday, March 20, 2005

match 2.. india wins!

dear el topple..
the wall stood tall again.. and again.. meaning 2 swell centuries, one in each innings. briliant to watch. yaay. very happy for your happy blushes.

next game.... BANGALORE!!!!!
who's going? who? who?
or rather, who isn't..?

in any case, i'm going to be watching, so if any of you do plan to go, wear distinctive clothing and a hold up cheesy and/or crazy banners.
oh yes, and also let me know in advance so i keep my eyes well-peeled for the likes of you's.

1 comment:

lurchytopple said...

allllllllll Bangalore boys only. mins like. sooper they are because of our blessings.
thwanks for thinking of me!!??!!?!!