Sunday, September 30, 2007

F1 update

Heee heee. I like this Vijay Mallya. One 'attitude' answer from the bearded baron, on his acquisition of Spyker [crossing of t's and dotting of i's on the deal to be completed by September end]:

Q: Did you look into any other motorsport options?
Formula One is the crown of motor sport and it is my style to look at the crown and not at the grass roots.

Meanwhile, at Fuji today, Hamilton took another well-deserved pole, making him an almost-certain winner of the Driver's Championship, 2007. Alonso crashed out [:-(], rookie Heikki Kovalainen came in 2nd for Renault with a few near run-ins with 3rd place Kimi and Ferrari. Kimi started at 21st [!!!]. Brilliant driving.

Kick-ass moment of the race came at the very end when Massa pulled a great skin-of-his-teeth overtake on Robert Kubica. Vaaav.

Two more races to go this season. Hamilton stands at 107 points, ahead of Alonso at 95 points and Kimi in third at 90.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Till later today, when the first ODI between India and Ozz takes off.
I will swing by the midwicket region outside Chinnaswamy Stadium hoping to catch a few balls hit-out-of-the-ground by the Blue Boys-some-Men. Down, Ozz! Down Under with you.
I watched Dhoni's press conference today. Aww. He's sweet. Henji.
Meanwhile the Ozzies started their verbal BS even prior to getting on field, where we are of course, expecting to witness some fine low-quality sledging and hooliganism. Even that Sreesanth. Someone needs to tell him to take it down three notches. It's embarrassing to watch.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Jena Six

I started reading up on the Jena Six issue only after I came across a post on Umar Lee's blog. Strange that there has been no news coverage of the Jena Six around here. Disturbing even. Are we turning insular like the Americans [yes, I WILL generalize]? MORE.
This is not a story set in the times of the Civil War or a historic anomaly. These are events that have unfolded in present day America, Deep South or not being irrelevant. See here for another related article.
Most disturbing points that stand out:
1. We learn of blatant Black-White segregation even today, in a high school in Jena, a small town in Louisiana.
2. Black students had to ask the principal permission to sit under the shade of a 'White tree'. They do so.
3. The KKK-style noose act by the White students is brushed under the carpet as a 'joke in bad taste.'
4. Black-White tension simmers through the high school for the entire semester. And passes on into the town.
5. A Black student, Robert Bailey, is assaulted at a dance considered to be 'White'. Only one White youth is arrested. He is eventually given probation and asked to apologize.
6. White man pulls a gun on some Black students at a gas station. They wrestle it away from him and get charged with theft. White man goes free.
7. Confrontation between a White student, Justin Barker, and Bailey in school - Bailey is taunted for the attack on him at the dance, and a fray ensues. Barker is allegedly knocked down and beaten by a group of six Black students present at the time of the confrontation.
8. Barker hospitalized for a few hours but seen out and about the same night. No major damage.
9. Six Black students - The Jena Six - allegedly the attackers of Barker, were arrested, charged with attempted manslaughter and expelled from school.
10. The six were arrested in December 2006 with outrageously high bails ranging from USD 70,000 to USD 138,000, leaving all of them unable to post bail for many months.
11. The first student went on trial this June - Mychal Bell. He was tried by an all-White jury, presided on by a White judge.
11. Bell was convicted [big surprise] of two felonies: aggravated second-degree battery and conspiracy to commit second-degree battery and faced up to 22 years in prison.

In light of rising international outcry and the controversy this case has stirred up, there may be hope for the Jena Six yet.
On September 15, a Louisiana court overturned the conviction because Bell shouldn't have been tried as an adult on battery charges in the first place. (Bell was 16 at the time of the arrest.) Major irregularities have already been noted in Bell's trial, such as the public defender not producing a single defense witness..... Some other nonsense about the prosecutor using the argument that Bell's tennis shoes were a 'deadly weapon' and hence justified the charge of aggravated battery. Ye gods.
On September 20, a peaceful rally of more than 10,000 supporters of Jena Six took place in the small town. Among those present were Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King III, Al Sharpton, Mos Def and Salt n Pepa. Whatever.
Anyway, I'll be watching.

Tribute to Bob

Jimbo, I refuse to accept responsibility for the near-miss on Monday. Pttth. Take it back.
As fellow-heart-shattered-cousins, we must stand together in these difficult times and try and heal the wounds that recent events have wrought upon our tortured souls..... *violin undulates in background*
I must confess that I never prayed your recommended dosage of nafal namaaz. I feel deeply for the international text messages you kept on sending as reminders, but but but... I just didn't. I have so much Qadhaa-e-Umri to make up, it's not funny. Do I make up my Qadhaa or pray Nawafil? Come on, you're a sensible boy. You have to understand! [Saab is becoming insanely defensive now. She must stop.]
But I sent hundreds of Durood, lots of Ayat-al-Kursi and an unending stream of dua'as for things to swing Pakistan's way, esp once Misbah started his match-saving heroics. To think it all came to no good. [Probably on account of all the baddua'as I had been sending their way earlier...] At least we got some sawaab out of it if nothing else.

I can just picture Misbah singing to himself, that fantastic teeny-boppy song by Junaid Jamshed, "Hum kyon chalein uss raah par.. etc".
Which obviously lead him to play that 'SuperScooper, Lights are gonna find me' shot. Gaaaaak!

Anyway, enough. No more. Take it back.


Hi all...... Two gorgeous little girls need loving homes. Either one loving home for the both of them together, or one loving home each, individually, separately etc. These are two of a threesome, newly born in a Pranjal's neighborhood.

Spread the word or come forward and take the little beauties home yourself. Just look at them.... Rrrr!

For more details, please go to Pranjal's blog [she's the kind soul who first sent out the SOS about the pups , and has adopted one already].
Also, please save this link in your Favorites/Bookmark it, and then keep checking in regularly to see if you can help. Most importantly, spread the word. Adopt a stray!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Ladies and gentlemen, after the most edge-of-seat, thrilling, gripping few hours of great cricket yesterday, Team India has emerged as the first ICC Twenty20 World Champions, and as Boomsa said, nothing can ever change this fact. Congratulations to the winners. It was a match worth the watching and could have swung wither way towards the very end, which is what I was hoping for in a final. [That I was hoping for many other things from this match is another matter altogether.... *wipes stray tears*]
Excellent write-up here.

Let's look at this match from a PURE MATH angle.

The afterMATHS: [Events not listed in chronological, organized manner since the writer is suffering hugely from emotional trauma and subsequent mental imbalance. Points listed below are coming in short, sporadic bursts like black nauseous waves. Other morbid allusions can be made but there is no time and it won't change anything.]
1. India defeat Pakistan to win the first ever Twenty20 World Cup by a narrow 5 runs in Over Number 40 of the day.
2. The BCCI announces a reward of USD 2 million for victorious Team India. This amount is approximately 0.0083% of what the BCCI actually has in its coffers, classified under the head 'Profits for Eternity'- (Inside sources)].
3. Misbah ul Haq has 5 runs to get in the last 4 balls of the penultimate over. Very doable like the 1 run required off 2 balls in the previous India-Pak showdown. Instead, Pakistan 152 all out.
4. Irfan Pathan deals a heavy match-winning blow, finishing with 3-16 and clinching Man of the Match, and Rudra Pratap impresses as always with a smart 3-26.
5. Shahid Afridi gets Player of the Tournament for his 12 wickets and brilliant all-round play during the entire T20.
6. Underrated Gautam Gambhir never gets more than a cursory mention for his very brilliant top-of-the-innings score of 75 runs at a strike rate of 139.
7. Umar Gul bowls another dream spell as he has been doing throughout the tournament, and he picks up 3 wickets for 28, making him the highest wicket-taker of the T20s.
8. Mohd Hafeez drops Rohit Sharma at long-on on ball 19.2 of the Indian innings. The ball pops out of the boundary giving India 6 more to their total.
9. India get 6 more, and in the end India win by 5 too many? [Aaargh. The hurt....]
10. Afridi throws away his wicket in the 12th over and Pakistan stand at 77-6. It all seems over for the Green Men.
11. Misbah ul Haq, my hero for the tournament, steps in again with a Herculean 43 and pulls Pakistan to the brink of victory, including four very special 6es in the death overs.
12. Sohail Tanveer also chips in with 2 brilliant 6es in Sreesanth's over. He finishes with a worthy 12 off 4 balls. Well done, lad.
13. Ball 19.3 of the Paki innings. 5 runs to win, 4 balls in hand. Misbah plays 'that shot', scooped up backwards over the wicketkeeper hoping to fly by the fielder at shortish fine-leg, but NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
It's all over.....
[Actually it started as "YESSSS!!!! YESS! YES!!!!! Whaaaaaa...? Who's that? Wha...? NOOO... NOOOOO... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"]

The beforeMATHS:
1. 10 dosas to Robin Uthappa courtesy Ravi Shastri. Recreated by SamGoose, Boomsa and a Sharmon Legend.
2. Yuvi sits pretty on INR 1 crore after his magic six sixes in one over against England.
3. Approximate betting on the India-Pakistan finals: INR 1500 crore. In India alone.
4. Betting odds: Illegal betting space - India odds on favorites to win at 1:1.55, Pakistan close on heels at 1:1.80. Legal betting space, Bet365, offers odds of 1:80 for India, and 1:90 for a Paki win. Skybet is more conservative with the same rate for both.
5. Wanderers Stadium has a sellout crowd of 30,000 plus.
6. Hearts broken worldwide: 165 million [primarily Pakistani hearts, but other hearts like mine are included here too.]
7. Hearts filled to bursting with elation: 1 billion [primarily Indian hearts, but other hearts worldwide too beat for the Men in Blue.]
8. Losers in India and Pakistan, or Indians and Pakis worldwide who didn't care which way the match would swing: 234 [Including the scientists in Antarctica].

Here's a short post-match interview of some very miserable Pak fans. The gentleman is a Suhail Qasim Malik and the lady is a Nida Haji. Interview by this very saddened writer.

Also, at the end of all things, I am very fond of MS Dhoni who has turned out to be a stellar captain of the young Indian side. [On an aesthetic note: It certainly helped that he took the trouble to wax/shave, and was in prime physical condition since he was letting go of his shirt. Nice biceps, Milkman.]

Final note: Am glad I watched the match in the confines of my own home with like-minded SPORT-LOVERS, because I know this is the only way I could watch the game objectively without being irritated or disturbed. I say objectively, in spite of supporting Pakistan yesterday, because that is how we have been raised to watch and play sports. If someone plays a good stroke, it doesn't matter what side they're on, we'll be applauding them. Indian, Pakistani, Arab, Israeli, American, Aussie doesn't enter into the equation. I hate the Aussie team in totum but I know a good shot when I see it, and I'll know to clap for Gilchrist, PONTING EVEN, if he plays a sweet shot.
It has happened so often that a good game has been spoilt for me by fanatics [and not fans], idiots shouting obscenities, cheering blindly for their own side, not appreciating any move by the opposition, drowning out commentary with their uneducated opining or arguing loudly with expert opinion based on their overheated sentiments... But what really bothers me most of all is obscenities. I don't like potty-mouths around when watching sports. It's a different ball-game, as it were. Don't sully it with $##$@!!!

Thanks to Shro for being my shoulder to cry on late last night when I called her for late-night-emotional-support dinner meals. The original plan was for me to pick her up and drive to Ulsoor Lake where I would take the final plunge, with suitable accessories as rocks, an anvil and strong rope. And Shro would then take the car back home. Boomsa was to collect my remains the next morning.
As it turned out, this did not happen. We went to KFC instead.

Very cute scenes on the roads of Bangalore after the victory: Fans of all ages took to the streets brandishing the Indian flag, stopping cars to give high-fives, yelling and cheering ecstatically all over the city, sharing unadulterated joy with complete strangers on the roads and not misbehaving at all. When my car was stopped, I was treated with great deference and joy after it was noted that I was a lady. Yay. I love that we don't have hooliganism here, for the most part.

"Hazaaron khwaahishein aisi ki har khwaahish pe dum nikle;
Bahut nikle mere armaan, lekin phir bhi kam nikle."
-Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib
[What I was crooning myself to sleep with last night.]

Sunday, September 23, 2007

What Dreams May Come....

By this time tomorrow night, millions of people all around the world, especially in India and Pakistan, are going to be either deliriously happy or inconsolably heart-broken.
We will hear of and witness on the one hand, cussing of the lowest, vilest, blush-inducing-est order, of TV sets being destroyed, tempers hitting stratospheric levels, unbelievably biased, stupid criticism, and allegations of match-fixing from couch-potato-know-it-alls, and on the other, yelps of uncontrollable joy, humanoid roaring and cheering, goofy patriotic/non-patriotic fervor, intelligent, sportsmanlike and objective remarks on the nobility of the game etc.....
I belong to the latter group. I might throw in a well-meant cuss or two but on the whole I'm going to really, thoroughly enjoy the game. I nose it.

Read here.
Here let me help you. Focus on this especially fascinating section: "Pakistan remains the only unbeaten side in the tournament, having defeated Scotland, tied with India – should we count the 3-0 bowl out verdict as a loss? – and then topping its Super Eight group with victories over sides like Australia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. It has scripted its wins on some fine shows by its middle-order batsmen and the bowlers."

Teee heee.
Play val, bwaiiz! Please.....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Will we have the perfect final?

Which is to say a World Cup India v Pakistan?
Can such things be?
Will this Saturday be a great day for the Asian subcontinent and a terribly morose one Down Under?

Will Pak down the Kiwis?
And can India pull a win over Ozz?
Will they, won't they?

Here's a nice montage of recent Indo-Pak series, with Salman Ahmed and "Ghoom Taana".

Lola Boney M

This is a hilarious video. Check out the very cool actor in the white robe. His expressions are pricless. [This post is esp for you, Chy.]

So, of course, it has been established that I love Lola Kutty and Ranvir-Vinay type nonsense humour. Do watch 'Ranvir, Vinay Aur Kaun' on Star One at 10pm daily. Sometimes it's really unbelievably laugh-out-loud.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

D-d-d-dil, dil, Pakistaaaaannnn!

The title is an old Vital Signs song [1989 release] that has since become a background score for most of Pakistan's cricket tribute videos and promos. It has the whole '80s organ, synthesizer sound going. ;-) [For those of you who know it, you have to be smiling already.]
Have a look at one of the many cricket montages with this song as b/g.

As to last night: Excellent, lads! But, this is almost too good to be true!
Pakistan pulled another superb six-wicket victory, this time over Australia at Jo'burg yesternight. Shoaib and Misbah did their magic with a 119-run partnership after the Pakis were tottering early on in the innings. Things started off pretty well with Mohd Hafeez in to open instead of Salman Butt. But, as expected, one quick wicket followed another and the score suddenly stood at 46 for 4. Us Pak fans were in the familiar posish of biting nails, experiencing belly-flutters and in general thinking up various ingenious ways to kill ourselves. "NOT AGAIN!", was the general cry.
And then, and then...... this happened!

Apart from the dreamy Misbah-Shoaib partnership, Shahid Afridi shone out in his performance once again. Great bowling, superb fielding and that oh-so-sweet squint-eyed smile. This Pathan has come into his own in the T20 format. All we need now is a really berserk batting innings from him to bring us to tears at the pure joyous madness of it all.
Did you see him hit the stumps quickly, calmly and with great smoothness to run Clarke out? I did. Vaav!
Cheers to you, boys. Try for the Cup, why not?

In the meanwhile, India has just pulled off a great victory over England. They posted a huge total of 218 in their 20 overs, thanks to a fantastic half-century by Yuvraj in just 12 balls. This included a goosie-inducing six sixes in one over off poor, poor Stuart Broad. India now have a crucial match against SA tomorrow which will decide whether they continue in the tournament or not. I hope they make it through- it means another possible India-Pak play-off.

Which reminds me- India v. Pak series coming up in November-December in India. Will they come to Bangalore? Will they? Will I get the chance to stalk the Pakis at their hotel and scream shamelessly during matches LIVE AT THE STADIUM? .......
Here's hoping.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


WARNING: This is a pro-Pakistan-cricket-team post. Narrow-minded bigots should leave off reading now. Because they won! They won! They played great! Wooo hoooo!

A thrilling match to watch for Paki fans last night, as the Little Green Men finally pulled together and brought down the Lankan Lions with a superb all-round performance on the field. This level of play is what makes it all the more painful to watch when Pakistan loses matches because they do have it in them to win a lot.
Stars of the night:
1. Younis Khan: Brilliant batting and fielding, nut-case smiling, and just great fun to watch. Very well-deserved Man of the Match and I loved his acceptance speech later. :)
2. Shoaib Malik: Superb captain's knock. Younis and him took it all away at a deadly Twenty20 pace.
3. Shahid Afridi: The cocky Pathan does it again. He helped with the bat and then got three very crucial wickets, esp Jayawardene and Silva who were looking to make trouble.
4. Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul,Mohd Asif and Mohd Hafeez: "Vaaal done, bwaaiz!" as the very cute Kamran Akmal loves to say.

The fielding was great, as was the running between the wickets. This young, fit Pak side is looking really good, throwing themselves at the ground and at stray balls and scooting across to convert a single into two runs (or a double into three) with a disdain that is heartening to observe.

All the raving for last night's performance concluded, the fact remains that this evening is a whole different ball game and we might very well see our favorite unpredictable boys scatter in the wind against the Aussies, as is their wont after a dreamy victory.

Hoping for the best....
*fingers crossed*

PS: Also, it HAS to be said. The Pak side is probably the best-looking team in world cricket right now. Easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend from hell....

1. McLaren out of the Constructor's Championship. Grrrrr.
2. Pak lose to India after a gut-wrenching match with some atrocious losing tactics by the Pak bowlers. I could have killed someone.
3. Ferrari pull a one-two at the Belgian GP. Alonso limps in third.

My eyes!!! My eyes!!! [Pic stolen from here.]
And if that weren't enough, Alonso pulled another one on Lewis. Ye gods. What was he thinking? [Does he think?]

Saving graces:
1. Alonso and Hamilton still in the Driver's running. Four more races to go this season.
2. We'll have another India-Pak play-off, hopefully.
3. A very lovely time at Mad Nut's house, including a bizarre midnight romp last night. Snowflake is a dorrling. As is Nuts. *hugs*
4. Ramadan has been excellent so far. Three days down, and so far so good. Haven't ventured too off-track yet.
5. Cousin-fun at my place, as is usual on weekends.

Thursday, September 13, 2007


McLaren convicted of industrial espionage, fined $100mn dollars and thrown out of Constructors' Championship..... :( More.
Which means the Reds take home the Constructors'. Damn. Grrrrrr. I want to bite something.

Only light at the end of the tunnel: Both drivers given clean chit and are in the running for the Drivers' Championship. So what'll it be? Alonso first and Lewis second, or the other way round?
[That's for all you Ferrari freaks out there.....]

I am going to curl up and die now. Excuse me.

Two more reasons I hate Ponting

1. Obviously, he looks like my favourite person's twin so that can't be a good thing. Immediate negative marking for looking like George Bush. Must have been separated at birth, as blogged here.
While we are on the topic of his looks, more minus points for Ricky Ponting being very hairy. And he doesn't take the trouble to go wax/shave himself like some considerate men. [Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt.] ;)
2. In last night's match against the amazing Zimbabweans [fantastic, thrilling match!], I saw Dirty Ricky SPIT ON HIS HANDS AND RUB THEM TOGETHER NO LESS THAN 10 TIMES. Why? Why would anyone do that? Yuk. Gross. I was cringing the whole time after the match when he was shaking the Zimbabweans' hands and my whole being was screaming, "Nooooo! He's filthy! Go wash your hands immediately!"

Sam-Goose sings

And how! I am so proud of this item.
Please go here and listen to very vundrefull songs by a Sam-Goose. Sam-Goose is a poet, a student of music, a beautiful belter of songs [or a belter of beautiful songs, if you will], and, quite unrelated to anything, she is also nuts. I mean insane.
Listen to her work, read her blog, spread the word, and send her a lot of money [through me].

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Absolutely love the new MOTORAZR2, or what it promises to be anyway. I have always had a Motorola from the time I got my first cell phone [not too many years ago]. Am currently using the sweet ol' MotoRAZRV3i for over a year now and think it's the best phone ever [for my purposes]. Battle scars and many falls later, it still works wonderfully well.
Am thinking of upgrading soon, provided the whole world and its uncle don't go out and buy it before me. On the other hand, my current phone works just fine so maybe not. I can go and stare at the RAZR2 and have demos at the mobile stores once in a while.

The current ad for the MotoRAZR2 is great. It's one of my favorites, close on the heels of the Happy Dent "Mera Dil Roshan... Mera Mann Roshan..." one.
Love the story, both actors, the choreography, the chemistry between the two, and of course, the very excellent soundtrack song: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. Which I have just downloaded. (And which is a type of song I might not have liked if I had heard it on its ownsome.)

Shiny Toy Guns RAZR2 TV Uncut Commercial

And here it is.


I thought SA had NO chance of a win today after the fabulous Chris Gayle went berserk and splattered shots all around the Wanderers, but I was forgetting that this was the same team that did this back in 2006, and on the same ground.

Full match report here. Tough luck, Windies. Maybe that's why you shouldn't drop catches and bowl wides?
Well done: Gayle, Gibbs, Kemp. [But mostly Gayle. :)]


If a picture speaks a thousand words....... I love Nawaz Sharif's expression here.

I'm sorry, I can't help but find this whole deal insanely ridiculous. Not that I'm saying General Busharraf is correct in going against the Pakistan SC's decision etc etc, but he may just have not done the worst thing ever. I mean, really, this is Nawaz Sharif we're talking about. Contrary to what his surname might imply, he's no Angelic Innocent out to salvage Pakistan from the wreckage. He's just another dirty politician in what seems to be an unfortunate never-ending stream of slimeballs in this country's political sphere. [Look at the other alternative: Benazir. Eeks.]

I thoroughly enjoyed various amusing quotes such as this:
"Not long after he arrived from London to cheers from supporters accompanying him on the plane, Sharif was charged with corruption and money-laundering and bundled away by police from the airport VIP lounge. Four hours after landing, he was on a special flight to Saudi Arabia." []

For sensible reporting on this: Go here.
Which reminds me, I HATE THE TIMES OF INDIA.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Adding image to injury

Just for you, Bob!

Not to put too fine a point upon it....


McLaren pulled a perfect one-two at Monza yesterday, with some kickass top speed, blinding laps from Fernando Alonso all through the race to clinch pole position and a lovely overtaking maneuver by Lewis Hamilton after his Pit Stop #2 to pull in second ahead of Kimi.

* Hamilton's view as he overtakes Raikkonen.
The Hamilton-Raikkonen overtake was THE moment of the race for me, because I was afraid Kimi's one-stop strategy might just be able to take away the second position from McLaren. And eeks! It did for a bit, when Kimi pulled in just ahead of Lewis' car exiting from the pit lane.
But Kimi had suspension trouble [yeah, whatever] and Lewis managed a neat overtake on the first chicane which left me screeching with joy, high-fiving nobody, punching the air with my fists and renting the peace of the neighborhood asunder with some very juvenile cheering...
*All race pics bummed off the F1 site.

As is usual on weekends, Suhail bhai had come over and we had a rollicking mad time. I had promised chicken pulao [mama-style] and I delivered. Accompaniments were tangy tomato chutney and yoghurt. [For excellent pulao recipe, please send me fan mail.]A very burpalicious, albeit late-ish lunch was had around 4:30pm.
What followed was the absolute nuttiest Sister and Suhail have ever been in a long time. There was one hour to kill before the race started and the Deranged Duo decided to sing the blues away. (They thought they were really good.) A number of very elegant, soulful, classic Hindi film songs were destroyed in the process as our two star performers refused to shut up till the hour was up. The horrific renditions were punctuated by a series of giggling fits, tune-improvisations and very, very bad poetry. [Which is a loose term for rhyming words.]
Fortunately all tales of terror must have an ending, and in spite of it seeming like Time stood still while these two yodelers went caterwauling, the glorious hour of 5:30pm eventually came and my miseries ceased.
Start lights on, lights off, and GO!

Ozz and Suhail [boys in pic] are Reds - Ferrari supporters. [Blech.] They stopped acting cocky soon after reality sunk in, which is to say post the Lewis overtake which sealed the McLaren one-two deal. Hah. Sister was with McLaren, so no animosity there. [McLaren fans' -sis and I- pic on left].
To celebrate our resounding victory, I brought in some steaming hot noonchai along with a gloating smile, and special Kashmiri bakery: Kishtwari kulchay and baakirkhaani. The opinion all round was that the chai was very good. I would like to thank Nandini-double-cream-pasteurized-homogenized-no-need-to-boil-before-use milk.

Once that was done, we watched some nonsense TV programs like Miss Teen USA, AXN Fear Factor Psycho, Page 3 type no-brainer entertainment segments, and primed ourselves for the US Open Men's Finals, which according to many sources would be played at 9:30pm , IST. This turned out to be the biggest lie of the century as many hours later, droopy-eyed and despairing, we realized that the match would only be played at a mysterious, suspenseful hour which none of us would be able to guess at. Another friendship, Iqbal, had also come over in the hopes of being able to see Federer win the Open, but his dreams and aspirations were thwarted as no LIVE broadcast from Flushing Meadows seemed available. Except the insipid Women's Doubles Finals which was not gripping at all.

Suhail and Doc eventually left around 1:30am by which time we all convinced ourselves that the match would only happen post 4:30 am IST. This turned out to be the second biggest lie of the century because as it turned out, the match started at 2:30am, which fact Suhail bhai called in to inform us of.

I watched the match very sleepily, from a supine posish under a comfortable blanket in the TV room. My involvement in the proceedings was at best lackluster and I slept through many points.

And that was the Sunday that was.

Happy Birthday, doll!

To Febi, on the right.
[Yes, that's right, I have NO PICTURES OF YOU!!!!]

And so it ends...

The US Open 2007 cranked down to a nice, smooth close early this morning. [Morning for us here in India anyway. What a very crappy time to have to stay up to watch. I mean, 2:30am for yawning out loud.]

As expected, Mr Ice Cool Fedex took his amazing fourth-in-a-row US Open Trophy [Vaav!] after downing a very deserving runner up, Serbian Novak Djokovic [Very cute by the way, with 'outstanding' hair], in straight sets: 7-6, 7-6, 6-4.
It wasn't one of Federer's best performances by a long shot [oh, look, a pun]. Too many unforced errors on the part of both players, but a little disconcerting to see it from the racquet of Fedex the Faultless. But, ho-hum, he took home the goodies anyways.
I particularly loved a certain feline allusion about the tightness of the match and Federer's response to it: "But leave it to Federer, the cool-handed Swiss, who might constantly look self-assured but, when pushed to the wall, responds like an alley cat."
Fuller report here.

In the women's draw, Justine Henin won an easy final against Kuznetsova and I didn't watch the match except in highlights [what a very superlative one-handed backhand she has] so I shall say nothing about it. All I know is, Justine must be in very excellent form because she overcame both the Williams sisters, back-to-back. I did watch Venus' game this Open and I thought she was dandy. Which means Justine is obviously dandier, so well done!

This concludes my annual broadcast on the US Open. Till 2008, then, no more of this.
*whispering* "I think A.R.Rahman is Anonymous-ly leaving comments on my blog. I am famous!!!!! Yay!!!!"

{Finds it difficult to whisper "Yay!"}

Friday, September 07, 2007


Bonzo sleeping by my bum. (In the good old days.)
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Some days ago...

I forgot to mention.
Last week, I met an angel and her new baby girl, Snowbums [above, with favourite ball in mouth]. I was very pleased to make this acquaintance. I get all chokey whenever I see nice, plain old good people because I don't find too many of them around anymore. I went and met said Celestial Being at her digs and she was chortling and giggling and being silly in love with Snowshine.
(The Seraphim keeps claiming that Poopster's name is Snowflake but we know better....)
This is Snowslumber with Envy [completely mauled, blinded by the time of this post] in her arms.

Ahem. Angelic Item also found out that far from being a baby, Snowstorm is in fact FIVE YEARS OLD. Haha. The useful things our vets tell us.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bonzo Cat and Joey Cat

When Fuko cat ran away/ got lost/ disapparated/started his next life, Bonzo was extremely sad, lonesome and at a very low point in his new brotherless life. Where before he had been aloof and disdainful around us [Boo and I], letting Fuko take on the role of love-sponge and touchy-feely-pet, and didn't give a damn whether we were in the room or not, he now became extremely affectionate, purry, caressy and all other sorts of super-emotional, ultra-physical and attention-seeking things WHICH WE LOVED!
We would only need to fiddle with the door-handle and enter the house and our man would come running up expectantly and start doing some very sexy moves around our lower limbs. Not to mention some fantastic romantic ballad-singing in a not-so-baritone mewl. Ah, love songs as soon as we reached home... How lucky we were to have a lovable, endearing, soft-hearted, angelic kitty-poo-shit-bums cat!
(See, look at him yonder in the old days, resting quietly by me, getting charged for the next round of socker [soccer played with rolled up socks] or soft-toy-annihilation.)
We thought, like all ever-hopeful parents do, that our boy had changed for the better and would be this way for the rest of his current life plus the succeeding eight ones.

Hah! Fat Bonzoical chance. No sooner did Gorgeous Joey [see filmi pose in pic] make an entry into his life, than Bonzo reverted to his old mean, condescending, grumpo self. For him, FukoVersion2 is here and he can restart the good-cat-bad-cat routine.
Bonzo has now totally come into his own. He loves dissing me. He thrives on it. His ego gains 23 points every time he walks off when I'm speaking to him, mid-sentence. I swear I can hear the snigger in his eyes. [???] And what's more, since I am a pathetic-loser-human-type-parental -creature, I find this even more attractive in him. I will now slave myself, humiliate myself, turn cartwheels backwards and chatter nonsensically just so he so much as looks my way once in a while.
Fantastic. My life just gets better. Have a look at Groucho here. Sheesh!

And Bonzo pretends to hate Joey when in company, acting like an embarrassed elder brother at school trying to wash his hands off younger admiring sibling. But, the facade is quite weak and sooner rather than later, we see a love scene like so unfold before these, our very own eyes.....

Tommy Haas

Let's talk about Tommy Haas. How hot is he? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind, which is to say that when the wind is blowing against him, what abs! What abs! Visually appealing and how. So, in conclusion, Tommy Haas is VERY hot. Rrrrrr!
He also happens to be a darling mix of the two thespians upstairs: Matt Dillon and Ethan Hawke. Plus a dash of something uniquely him. Very nice end result.

I am watching his quarterfinals versus Nikolai Davydenko, who is a brilliant player and I really like him, as I am posting this. Davydenko is already up 2 sets. But Haas is [I am hoping] clawing his way back in. We are at 2-2 in Set 3, and at Deuce because Tommy just can't seem to take his game. Oh, great, Tommy's just made another error on his drop shot and is facing break.... Wait, wait, okay. Deuce again.
It's a bloody good match as predicted earlier.
I think, however, that Nikolai just might take it.

...Sigh. It's no use. Davydenko's just broken. Straight sets win, maybe?
Like I metioned elsewhere, Davydenko is kicking some Haas.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

And other news from Flushing Meadows

On Tuesday, in Umreeka:
1. Henin defeats Serena
2. Rafa ousted by Ferrer
3. Moya swings past Gublis

Today is a HUGE day at the US Open. Here's what's in store:
1. Ladies' singles Q/F draw:
-Sania's buddies Shahar Peer v. Anna Chakvetadze [v.g. watch].
-Venus v. Jankovic [ another very good match]
-Kuznetsova v. Szavay [ditto]

2. Men's singles Q/F:
-Davydenko v. Haas [Edge-of-seat-madness type match]
-DRUMROLLLLLLL....... FEDEX v. Roddick!!!!! [Good Lord]

Must sleep during day to prepare for all-nighter madness. And yes, there's also the one-hour break between 3:30 a.m. and 4:30a.m.

(All the news from very excellent US Open site.)

Sania-watch: End of US Open 2007

Sania Mirza and Bethanie Mattek lost to Chan Yung-jan and Chuang Chia-jung 6-3, 3-6, 6-4 in the doubles quarterfinals, Tuesday.

ends Sania's US Open 2007.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sania-: Through to the quarters

Ms Mirza and Bethanie Mattek pulled off a wonderful victory, upsetting favourites and second seeded Raymond-Stosur combo at the Ladies' Doubles last night. Very good.
Was running through some of my older rants, and realized this piece reads as if I wrote it in the first person, painful-teary-personal-horrific-experience mode. It was not so.
More's the pity. I have never ever been in love. [Ohmigawd! Almost over the hill and nothing yet?] Had a massive crush in teen days, but we know the difference, don't we?
Anyway... That piece was a letting loose of rage on my darling friends' behalfs [behalves?]. Which actually means I ran my mouth off on a subject I have only been a repeat-viewer to. Disturbing.

Monday, September 03, 2007

The other day, at a Boomsa's house

Went to Boo's place a couple of days ago, to catch up with Bonz and his new baby brother, Joey. CatsJellicle asked a question that got me thinking again. "Are we sure Joey is a boy?" Hah. Going by our track record, we are the worst judge of a kitten's sex. I mean, till we took Bonzo and Fuko to the vet for the first time [at 3 months] we thought they were girls and treated them as such.

Boo's frundship, from whom Joey came, says he's a boycat. And we aren't about to go messing with his privates just so we know.... I mean, curiosity did horrible things to the cat, and inappropriate sexual advances might well be on that list.
Anyway, here are Bonz and Jo on top of the fridge. Joey cannot bear to leave Bonz's side for more than 3 nanoseconds...

Oh, yes. And Boo went nuts as usual.
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And, following on from the previous post about quiet-as-a-mouse campaigns at the US Open, just look at what Justine Henin is up to!


She's out. Round 3 and exit stage left.
As predicted after the last match, Sania failed to make it past Chakvetadze who was playing on a much higher level really. Well, she is World No. 6.
Chin up, girl. And let's see you work some magic here on.

Round 3 saw some HUGE shockers.
Sharapova knocked out by a lovely little firecracker whose name I heard for the first time just that day. It's a tongue twister and I have only just managed to say it at one go: Agnieszka Radwanska of Poland. Here's the match summary, with bits of melodrama thrown in.
(It's the NYT, come on!)
Also, Nadia Petrova ousted by another teeny-bopper, Agnes Svazay.
Hoo, boy.

Watched Venus Williams last night, against no less than 5th seed Ana Ivanovic [who I really like because she looks like someone in my family and has the sweetest smile ever. Oh, and she also plays very well, yes.] It was TOTAL ANNIHILATION. Poor Ana couldn't find her smile at all after yesterday's steamroll.
Venus was on fire. She sizzled. She scorched the court during last night's match. I was picturing little nasty robots circulating in the background droning, "Exterminate. Exterminate."
Other words used to describe Venus' play by various papers: "Venus crushes...; Venus belts out warning; Venus rolls past..., Ruthless Venus..."

It's true. She was in fine form. Went through Ana like a hot knife through petrified butter. I'm putting my money on her [metaphorically speaking, okay?] to take the Title. Here's the match report.

A few big names that have stayed low and will probably jump out at us suddenly is Venus' li'l sister, Serena, who has quietly also made it to Round 4, defeating another player I like, Marion Bartoli. We're possibly looking at a Williams v. Williams Ladies' S/F, though there are big names like Jankovic and Henin to get past.

Something cute Venus had to say in this regard: ---Williams said she hoped to play against her sister. In an on-court interview after the match she said, “If we get to the semifinals there will be a Williams in the final and an American in the final.”----

Oh, but it's going to be good viewing: Venus v. Jankovic, Serena v. Henin. I'm certain Venus will get by, don't know about the other Q/F because I haven't seen either of them play this time.

The men's draw is probably not as exciting, since Fedex is around, doing his ice cool thing. :)
Rafa is creeping up [straight sets victory last match] slowly, calmly tugging at his pants as he makes his way through to the Round of 16.Where's all the fanfare, I say?