Monday, September 10, 2007

And so it ends...

The US Open 2007 cranked down to a nice, smooth close early this morning. [Morning for us here in India anyway. What a very crappy time to have to stay up to watch. I mean, 2:30am for yawning out loud.]

As expected, Mr Ice Cool Fedex took his amazing fourth-in-a-row US Open Trophy [Vaav!] after downing a very deserving runner up, Serbian Novak Djokovic [Very cute by the way, with 'outstanding' hair], in straight sets: 7-6, 7-6, 6-4.
It wasn't one of Federer's best performances by a long shot [oh, look, a pun]. Too many unforced errors on the part of both players, but a little disconcerting to see it from the racquet of Fedex the Faultless. But, ho-hum, he took home the goodies anyways.
I particularly loved a certain feline allusion about the tightness of the match and Federer's response to it: "But leave it to Federer, the cool-handed Swiss, who might constantly look self-assured but, when pushed to the wall, responds like an alley cat."
Fuller report here.

In the women's draw, Justine Henin won an easy final against Kuznetsova and I didn't watch the match except in highlights [what a very superlative one-handed backhand she has] so I shall say nothing about it. All I know is, Justine must be in very excellent form because she overcame both the Williams sisters, back-to-back. I did watch Venus' game this Open and I thought she was dandy. Which means Justine is obviously dandier, so well done!

This concludes my annual broadcast on the US Open. Till 2008, then, no more of this.

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yeah.federer's the best