Tuesday, September 18, 2007


WARNING: This is a pro-Pakistan-cricket-team post. Narrow-minded bigots should leave off reading now. Because they won! They won! They played great! Wooo hoooo!

A thrilling match to watch for Paki fans last night, as the Little Green Men finally pulled together and brought down the Lankan Lions with a superb all-round performance on the field. This level of play is what makes it all the more painful to watch when Pakistan loses matches because they do have it in them to win a lot.
Stars of the night:
1. Younis Khan: Brilliant batting and fielding, nut-case smiling, and just great fun to watch. Very well-deserved Man of the Match and I loved his acceptance speech later. :)
2. Shoaib Malik: Superb captain's knock. Younis and him took it all away at a deadly Twenty20 pace.
3. Shahid Afridi: The cocky Pathan does it again. He helped with the bat and then got three very crucial wickets, esp Jayawardene and Silva who were looking to make trouble.
4. Sohail Tanvir, Umar Gul,Mohd Asif and Mohd Hafeez: "Vaaal done, bwaaiz!" as the very cute Kamran Akmal loves to say.

The fielding was great, as was the running between the wickets. This young, fit Pak side is looking really good, throwing themselves at the ground and at stray balls and scooting across to convert a single into two runs (or a double into three) with a disdain that is heartening to observe.

All the raving for last night's performance concluded, the fact remains that this evening is a whole different ball game and we might very well see our favorite unpredictable boys scatter in the wind against the Aussies, as is their wont after a dreamy victory.

Hoping for the best....
*fingers crossed*

PS: Also, it HAS to be said. The Pak side is probably the best-looking team in world cricket right now. Easy on the eyes, if you know what I mean.

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