Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Hi all...... Two gorgeous little girls need loving homes. Either one loving home for the both of them together, or one loving home each, individually, separately etc. These are two of a threesome, newly born in a Pranjal's neighborhood.

Spread the word or come forward and take the little beauties home yourself. Just look at them.... Rrrr!

For more details, please go to Pranjal's blog [she's the kind soul who first sent out the SOS about the pups , and has adopted one already].
Also, please save this link in your Favorites/Bookmark it, and then keep checking in regularly to see if you can help. Most importantly, spread the word. Adopt a stray!


Pranjal said...

Thanks a lot! This means a lot! I liked your suggestion, shall include in the 'pick-a-name' bowl :)

Before I forget - Yay! First time meeting a Dave Mathews fan!! I'm SO glad!! *grinning-ear-to-ear

longblackveil said...

Shorely you jest! There are millions of us here in Bangalore. Throw a brick randomly and you're bound to hit a person who loves DMB. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Adopting is brilliant and I wish more people would adopt strays (they're hardy, smart as heck and gorgeous), but what this city really needs is a drive to neuter street dogs. This'd help prevent the unnecessarily cruel deaths that most of these little guys face. And it isn't just these guys, their mums are often little more than young pups themselves and barely survive the process of feeding 5-6 young uns. It's heartbreaking, I tell ya.

Pranjal said...

Really?!! (sigh) That's what you miss out on if you've been working from home 24/7, eh - meeting like-minded people?! (sigh)

Jellicles said...

thanks for the shout-out, lass.

anon, many strays are sterilised under the ABC program. if we have to do it one street at a time, we'll have to do it. because its the right thing to do!

also, shirin merchant who is a canine behaviour expert from mumbai(she also helps mumbai orgn that works for the welfare of stray dogs) has offered to give us advice and tips about dogs that can get fussy now and know..nipping the postman's heels...baring fangs at the maid etc. turns out its all about hierarchy! do check our blog for a neat and informative message from shirin.

pranjal! do tell us..whats the name of the white darling?