Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tribute to Bob

Jimbo, I refuse to accept responsibility for the near-miss on Monday. Pttth. Take it back.
As fellow-heart-shattered-cousins, we must stand together in these difficult times and try and heal the wounds that recent events have wrought upon our tortured souls..... *violin undulates in background*
I must confess that I never prayed your recommended dosage of nafal namaaz. I feel deeply for the international text messages you kept on sending as reminders, but but but... I just didn't. I have so much Qadhaa-e-Umri to make up, it's not funny. Do I make up my Qadhaa or pray Nawafil? Come on, you're a sensible boy. You have to understand! [Saab is becoming insanely defensive now. She must stop.]
But I sent hundreds of Durood, lots of Ayat-al-Kursi and an unending stream of dua'as for things to swing Pakistan's way, esp once Misbah started his match-saving heroics. To think it all came to no good. [Probably on account of all the baddua'as I had been sending their way earlier...] At least we got some sawaab out of it if nothing else.

I can just picture Misbah singing to himself, that fantastic teeny-boppy song by Junaid Jamshed, "Hum kyon chalein uss raah par.. etc".
Which obviously lead him to play that 'SuperScooper, Lights are gonna find me' shot. Gaaaaak!

Anyway, enough. No more. Take it back.


Babur said...

thanks for the acknowledgment. i still feel it was your lack of prayers thus indirectly your lack of faith which led to the downfall of the team. but we shall remain strong and work hard for the next cup. as stewie griffin likes to say - victory shall be mine!

ps - you were right about this being first 20-20 world cup.

amity pathway said...

Misbah thought he had played the shot in no man's land, but he forgot that there is a malayalee in every corner of the world!

(sorry couldnt resist putting this here, its part of a terrible string of sms forward's I received, but had to laugh despite the jingoism....sansitiwitty and all you know :-)

longblackveil said...

@BB: *The Saab suffers a horrific meltdown on account of it being PROVEN that she was the sole cause of Pak's near-miss...*
I am reformed, dear Bob. My faith shall blaze with a new, unseen brilliance i the near future. Indo-Pak series soon! Here, in India! Yay! Book three tickets, pack Foto and Zara into your lunch box and come here... Wooo hooo!

@Amity: One tight slap!

Babur said...

@saab(turbo) <-- get it? heh.

ummm when is the series? sounds like a good idea. wouldnt mind coming down for that.

@amity --> good one.

longblackveil said...

Bob, series dates here: