Sunday, September 30, 2007

F1 update

Heee heee. I like this Vijay Mallya. One 'attitude' answer from the bearded baron, on his acquisition of Spyker [crossing of t's and dotting of i's on the deal to be completed by September end]:

Q: Did you look into any other motorsport options?
Formula One is the crown of motor sport and it is my style to look at the crown and not at the grass roots.

Meanwhile, at Fuji today, Hamilton took another well-deserved pole, making him an almost-certain winner of the Driver's Championship, 2007. Alonso crashed out [:-(], rookie Heikki Kovalainen came in 2nd for Renault with a few near run-ins with 3rd place Kimi and Ferrari. Kimi started at 21st [!!!]. Brilliant driving.

Kick-ass moment of the race came at the very end when Massa pulled a great skin-of-his-teeth overtake on Robert Kubica. Vaaav.

Two more races to go this season. Hamilton stands at 107 points, ahead of Alonso at 95 points and Kimi in third at 90.

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