Thursday, September 06, 2007

Bonzo Cat and Joey Cat

When Fuko cat ran away/ got lost/ disapparated/started his next life, Bonzo was extremely sad, lonesome and at a very low point in his new brotherless life. Where before he had been aloof and disdainful around us [Boo and I], letting Fuko take on the role of love-sponge and touchy-feely-pet, and didn't give a damn whether we were in the room or not, he now became extremely affectionate, purry, caressy and all other sorts of super-emotional, ultra-physical and attention-seeking things WHICH WE LOVED!
We would only need to fiddle with the door-handle and enter the house and our man would come running up expectantly and start doing some very sexy moves around our lower limbs. Not to mention some fantastic romantic ballad-singing in a not-so-baritone mewl. Ah, love songs as soon as we reached home... How lucky we were to have a lovable, endearing, soft-hearted, angelic kitty-poo-shit-bums cat!
(See, look at him yonder in the old days, resting quietly by me, getting charged for the next round of socker [soccer played with rolled up socks] or soft-toy-annihilation.)
We thought, like all ever-hopeful parents do, that our boy had changed for the better and would be this way for the rest of his current life plus the succeeding eight ones.

Hah! Fat Bonzoical chance. No sooner did Gorgeous Joey [see filmi pose in pic] make an entry into his life, than Bonzo reverted to his old mean, condescending, grumpo self. For him, FukoVersion2 is here and he can restart the good-cat-bad-cat routine.
Bonzo has now totally come into his own. He loves dissing me. He thrives on it. His ego gains 23 points every time he walks off when I'm speaking to him, mid-sentence. I swear I can hear the snigger in his eyes. [???] And what's more, since I am a pathetic-loser-human-type-parental -creature, I find this even more attractive in him. I will now slave myself, humiliate myself, turn cartwheels backwards and chatter nonsensically just so he so much as looks my way once in a while.
Fantastic. My life just gets better. Have a look at Groucho here. Sheesh!

And Bonzo pretends to hate Joey when in company, acting like an embarrassed elder brother at school trying to wash his hands off younger admiring sibling. But, the facade is quite weak and sooner rather than later, we see a love scene like so unfold before these, our very own eyes.....


Jellicles said...

i have four brats...2 boys and 2 girls. boy #1 is the alpha male and the second boy(who is girl#1's twin) interestingly never GREW! its almost like boy#1 is the alpha male and he has actually somehow stunted boy#2's growth. i know it sounds bizarre..but there is clearly a hierarchy when you put felines together.(i think dogs dont care as long as they can chase each other and play all the time)..they are such simple creatures and easy to please.

the first three, i brought them with me from india and the last one i picked here..(or rather...she came, she saw and she made herself comfortable)..the two girls dont get along and elder girl is always trying to show that she was here FIRST!

bonzo must know that he will always be #1 or he is going to beat the shit out of joey. trust me on this one, lass. he is going to act hoity toity and be a total grouch. but they will warm up eventually..i.e. as soon as joey completely surrenders himself to bonzo and allows bonzo to break his spirit and ego until he can be rebuilt from scratch according to bonzo's specifications.

cats! such joy!

longblackveil said...

I totally trust you on this, bebby. And the wonder that is Cats never ceases to amaze me.
Bonzoid ABSOLUTELY knows that he is #1 on our charts, and will always be. (He's definitely my favourite, being my first-born etc, and he knows it, snooty-bugger.)
As for Joey, the little darling is such an innocent, befuddled, angelic goosecat, he has already achieved Point of Complete Surrender and there is no animosity 'tween the two. Bonzo lets Joey walk all over him and about him and Joey in return adores Bonz to death. And you should see them making out! *Shudder.* It's lovely.