Wednesday, September 12, 2007


If a picture speaks a thousand words....... I love Nawaz Sharif's expression here.

I'm sorry, I can't help but find this whole deal insanely ridiculous. Not that I'm saying General Busharraf is correct in going against the Pakistan SC's decision etc etc, but he may just have not done the worst thing ever. I mean, really, this is Nawaz Sharif we're talking about. Contrary to what his surname might imply, he's no Angelic Innocent out to salvage Pakistan from the wreckage. He's just another dirty politician in what seems to be an unfortunate never-ending stream of slimeballs in this country's political sphere. [Look at the other alternative: Benazir. Eeks.]

I thoroughly enjoyed various amusing quotes such as this:
"Not long after he arrived from London to cheers from supporters accompanying him on the plane, Sharif was charged with corruption and money-laundering and bundled away by police from the airport VIP lounge. Four hours after landing, he was on a special flight to Saudi Arabia." []

For sensible reporting on this: Go here.
Which reminds me, I HATE THE TIMES OF INDIA.

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