Sunday, September 16, 2007

The weekend from hell....

1. McLaren out of the Constructor's Championship. Grrrrr.
2. Pak lose to India after a gut-wrenching match with some atrocious losing tactics by the Pak bowlers. I could have killed someone.
3. Ferrari pull a one-two at the Belgian GP. Alonso limps in third.

My eyes!!! My eyes!!! [Pic stolen from here.]
And if that weren't enough, Alonso pulled another one on Lewis. Ye gods. What was he thinking? [Does he think?]

Saving graces:
1. Alonso and Hamilton still in the Driver's running. Four more races to go this season.
2. We'll have another India-Pak play-off, hopefully.
3. A very lovely time at Mad Nut's house, including a bizarre midnight romp last night. Snowflake is a dorrling. As is Nuts. *hugs*
4. Ramadan has been excellent so far. Three days down, and so far so good. Haven't ventured too off-track yet.
5. Cousin-fun at my place, as is usual on weekends.


Fahad said...

4 more races? Dumbo.
3 more to go. All ferrari dominant tracks - suzuka, interlagos...


I actually feel bad for you. hehe. Awww. But Pakistan? grrr

Babur said...

@Fahad: There is no Suzuka this year. Its going to be held at the new track - Mt Fuji. Going forward, the Japanese Grand Prix is going to alternate between the two circuits.

10 bucks say, Alonso will take out Hamilton before the season ends, handing Kimi the championship. Further 10 bucks say Alonso will be driving for either a blue or red car next year.

longblackveil said...

@Fahad: Okay, okay, my mistake, I accept. THREE more to go.
In my defense, I tend to block out bad memories so I forgot Belgium happened and recounted it.

@Bob: In that case, please deduct 20 bucks from the money I owe you. :)
Wow. If this keeps up, I'll never have to pay you for the "Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyo Aata Hai" secret. Yay...!

satyre said...

Ramadan Kareem Trooper :) Fight 'em beelzebub & co I say.

oooweeeoaaahhh *war cry*

Babur said...

longblackveil said...

Indeed, Satyre. My sentiments exactly. And Ramadan Kareem. How's it going so far?