Friday, September 30, 2005

Make that...... TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes.
The All Nation Transport Disruption Authorities have delayed the arrival of one Micheal, by a day.
He will now be arriving this eve, I hopes.

The background on nomenclature for Micheal:

Funny story. A juvenile invention by the 2 of us on one of our train trips across miles and miles of the Karnataka-Express route to Delhi, and thence the Puja Express route to Jammu. Since we effectively spend 4 days in and around trains, we have to come up with bright snappy ideas to while away our time in an innovative yet bizarre fashion.
On one of our trips we decided to speak only in Kashmiri [!!!] and to create faux names. Now, this boy looks eerily like an imported item, so we decided to give him an ordinary run-of-the-mill Kris-chun names.
First thing that came to mind was Micheal. [Don't ask why.]
And there you have it.

For future reference, please remember this formula.
Micheal = Suhail Qasim Malik.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Micheal is coming today!!!!
Will make it meet Boomsa, Tits, Chy and other assortments.

What I Learnt Today

Another word for volte-face is tergiversation.

Hmm. Really.
Try using that in a conversation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

About a girl/boy

It's getting on towards the end of the month.
This means that apart from the Obvious [What Obvious you ax? Why, that this is
the magical time when people like me are dead broke, and scrounge off assorted Boos and Tits], what is not so obvious to anyone else, but which I'm going to throw into the limelight right now, is that it is getting closer and closer to that Yahooooeeey Day when my Febi is going to have her first baybee... Yeaaah!!
I have already fixed things so that I shall be deemed Mother-in-Absence.
Mins, best to get these things cleared up beforehand. Febi doesn't know it yet, but I've hired Powerful Suits to draft some pretty intimidating paperwork.
Just to stay out of murky waters, wot? Helps to keep things clean, like.

In case you think I'm being sly, conniving, scheming, serpentine and other such things, Febi, let me say it before you. I am! Hahah.
Don't worry, though. I've asked the Suits to carefully put in Clause 420 which states clearly you'll have visitation rights once in a fortnight. The catch [yes, yes, there's always a catch, Febi!]- the catch is that you'll have to be dressed in a manner that pleases me. No more of your frilly, lacy Drusses, or your polka dotted stillettoes. I mean, it is my noble and conscientious duty to the child, that I shield him/her away from all the ugliness in life.
That includes disturbing wardrobes. Be warned.
And I hope to God you've gotten rid of those yellow-and-purple-striped bloomers that you're so fond of.


PS: Did you see the subtle charm with which I put in "him/her", while referring to incoming stork-delivery? As if one doesn't know!!!

[Twix, as well, while we're at it.]

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Memoriam

I forgot to mention nice play I saw over weekend.

Things started off very badly. I'm talking about pre-show events,
not the actual play. Puh-leez. Like, be patient, y'all.

So, first, the ughly part. I speak of our traffic. Our mind-numbingly infuriating [query: Can we put in oxymorons like this? I mean, this is a bit extreme] traffic.

Started from CMH Road at 1830 hrs to meet Boo,
who was waiting three skips, hops, and a jump away
at Barista, St. Mark's.
In an ideal world, or even a mildly reasonable one, I should have made it before 1845 hrs. Neverrrr. Due to circumstances beyond human control [and almost endurance], I managed to meet the lady only at AAARRRRGGHHH..... 07:20 p.m.!
That's 50 minutes for a distance of less than 3 kilometres.... I might as well have rolled over to meet her. Probably would've been faster.

Anyway, once that was done, we were fretting over whether we were going to get tickets. Hope dawned in the form of one Alexei, whom Boo sms-ed to acquire the same.
Sweet lad accomplished said task in style, and we sat down comfortably for the showses.

And can I say, what a loveliest it was. I have come away feeling very impressed.
4 characters, all of whom carried their parts brilliantly. The play was almost a replication of same movie, but what a good replication it was. I have to say this was the first time I haven't been disappointed at the end of a show. Everything else I've watched has been mediocre. That's what I think. Please don't anybody get your hackles up. This is just me, yada-yada-yada-ing.

So, to sum up. Very Nice. Yay. Got money's worth.
Oi, that reminds me, haven't paid the Alexei yet.

Then....Aaameley, went to a Tavern. Lounged in sweet, scented corner, which Boo got to know really well, hyahahahaha.
The Shro was there with Sunny. Had late din-din at neighboring Empire.
Last scene of our night: Crashed at Shro's manney. Where else?!

That's all.

I mean it.


*flourish of trumpets.........*


Him of booklending fame.
Which, of course, reflects on his good, pure, and compassionate 'art.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Birthday Bashes

Dear Deedan

A very happy birthday for yesterday.
You are SUCH a babe, at 83!!
Had many sinful funs at your place.
Ate like the forbidden pig,
popped a can of Red Bull! Ushushsu, indeed.

And as for today.
Happy Birthday to a sweet thing. God Bless always.
Am lates...
Have to run to buy tickets for "Closer".
Play based on movie of same-name-fame.

Have heard good things about it.
They better be true, or someone's going to have to answer to the Wrath that will be me.
See you, Boo. And Alexei. And Shro, maybe? With a Sunny smile?

The Ka-ching Thing

No, not a new, misspelt verb form.
It is in fact the phenomenon of my nice workplace allowing the likes of me
[read as 'New Inductee into Clique of Employed' (N.I.C.E)] to volunteer to work on Saturdays, and make extra, much-needed moneys.

after all, it's all about the money,
you dumb,dumb, da-da-da-dumbs!

Haha. So this was my first entrepreneurial step.
That is, today was.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

3 earth-shaking events have already come to pass this morning,
and its not even 0745 yet.
Here they are in order of importance, or actually not, but just as I remember them:

1] Overslept by 20 minutes and missed orifice cab. [*noooooo!*]
2] Added a bloke called vaibhav, who's from mubai, on right-hand side, under blogs to browse. [*surely you jest?!!*]
3] Brought brand new beautiful furfle bags as accessory in crime,
to work. [*can these things be!*]

such is the exciting life behind the blackveil.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Odie got a new job.. I am all happiness. It's so ugly when nice people are stuck in barf-esque places, day after day after day.
Good for you, sweetness.

Monday, September 19, 2005


was brilliant.

Met up with one of my oldest girlfreinds, from when I was back in Dubai.
Circa 1993 onwards, if you please.

We had a very nice time. Sweet dahling bought me lunch, and, if that wasn't good enough, we then hit Crossword, where she surprised me
with Plath's The Bell Jar.
wow. my cup kind of ran over right there, and i might have even wet my pants.

and then, and then, if you must know,
I had a laughathon
with Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
what larks, indeed, boo.

so, it was a grand sunday.
today hasn't been bad at all, either.
work is non-existent, which means I have ample time
to play online Scrabble, download music illegally
and do other such things that are looked down upon
by the moral police, wherever they may be.

i am such a bad girl.

methinks I'll go and get a beer now.
inebriation is about the only Vice unexplored by me today.
oh, no wait, then there's drugs and carnal pleasures.
but patience, one at a time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

swapna aur hanif...jwava city mein!!

har har..
had a loveliest times woth the boo yesternight.
we met for, mins, chwatting only. and to swee each udders.
spur-of-moment sms from boo had me running for my jacket and bike keys, just as soon as I was able to collect my scattered limbs off the ground beneath.
boo's hindi messages often have this sort of effect on one. one is floored, like.

also, finally met her very ept [and very hot] friend alex.
must say, boo, very eye-candy.
but in a sweet, school-boy innocent sort of way.
Unfortunately I have come away with maternal feelings for the tot.
Esp. after he throws out random remarks like, "oh, I was in a crash today."
Eeks. hullo? a little less conversation, a little more melodarama, maybe.

so, anyway. then...
boo tells me i'm in for very saucy sockses from the foreigns. yay!!

*turns cartwheels while strewing confetti*
[and let me tell you, that's a very difficult thing to do.]

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Boo, being M.I.A.

scooby-boo, where are yooooooooooooo...?

dear Hanif,
where it is?

aww. shucks.

and again...

my cup runneth over.

which is just as well.
i believe in the coming season i'm going to have to slit my wrists, seeing as the favored hotties are going to be joining Ferr-ugh-ri.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

just so, boo. just so.

direct copy paste from here.

very close to my heart.
and very true.
and very true.

Monday, August 29, 2005
All these years and all these people have not and will never wash the dirt off me. But somewhere someone wrote a book that has given me the directions to a half-life. I realize that in my story, there will never be a prison sentence. But there will, eventually, be a death that I can only hope will be ruthless. Till then.
I am relentless
I am relentless
I will wait to watch you die
Wait for all the worms to crawl by
Into your flesh and frightened dying tones
Eat the hands that touched my lovely bones.

I am relentless
My mind reeks of your mange
Your sweaty touch hangs on to my rage
Your despicable mouth and one-hundred-fifty pounds
Upon my mind, my soul, my body’s howling sounds.

I am relentless
I can’t wait to stand laughing by
Stand and watch you pleading as you die
The worms I send will return to infest me
Like you once did, but I’ll live, naturally.

This poem will forever be work in progress. Thank you, Alice Sebold.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Friday, September 02, 2005

not copyright infringement, just loooooove.

an excerpt. from the first of his that i read.
and was hooked, lined and sinkered. erm, yes.

by Terry Pratchett

Chapter One

The wind howled. The storm crackled on the mountains. Lightning prodded the crags like an old man trying to get an elusive blackberry pip out of his false teeth.

Among the hissing furze bushes a fire blazed, the flames driven this way and that by the gusts.

An eldritch voice shrieked: "When shall again?"

Thunder rolled.

A rather more ordinary voice said: "What'd you go and shout that for? You made me drop my toast in the fire."

Nanny Ogg sat down again.

"Sorry, Esme. I was just doing it know...old time's sake...Doesn't roll off the tongue, though."

"I'd just got it nice and brown, too."


"Anyway, you didn't have to shout."


"I mean, I ain't deaf. You could've just asked me in a normal voice. And I'd have said, 'Next Wednesday.'"

"Sorry, Esme."

"Just you cut me another slice."

Nanny Ogg nodded, and turned her head. "Magrat, cut Granny ano...oh. Mind wandering there for a minute. I'll do it myself, shall I?"

"Hah!" said Granny Weatherwax, staring into the fire.

There was no sound for a while but the roar of the wind and the sound of Nanny Ogg cutting bread, which she did with about as much efficiency as a man trying to chainsaw a mattress.

"I thought it'd cheer you up, coming up here," she said after a while.

"Really." It wasn't a question.

"Take you out of yourself, sort of thing..." Nanny went on, watching her friend carefully.

"Mm?" said Granny, still staring moodily at the fire.

Oh dear, thought Nanny. I shouldn't've said that.


Paul, thou art beside thyself;
much learning doth make thee mad.

Bible: New Testament.
Festus, the Roman Procurator, in Acts 26:24.