Saturday, September 24, 2005

Birthday Bashes

Dear Deedan

A very happy birthday for yesterday.
You are SUCH a babe, at 83!!
Had many sinful funs at your place.
Ate like the forbidden pig,
popped a can of Red Bull! Ushushsu, indeed.

And as for today.
Happy Birthday to a sweet thing. God Bless always.


vaibhav said...
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vaibhav said...

Err.. actually I meant wish a happy b'day from my side too. :)

Roger Stevens said...

Reading your profile - My grandparents lived in Bleak House.
And I'm reading a Charles Dickens book right now - Great Expectations. It's the first Dickens book I've read (I know, I know... pathetic for an author!)
And I'm loving it.

longblackveil said...

Wha..? LIVED in Bleak House??? Um, I mean, did they just name their house after book of same name-fame, or did they actually live in the same authentic one.. Hell, I didn't even know there was an authentic Bleak House.
This is a bit much for me. Let me swoon and revive.
*swoons and revives*
There, that's done.

So, your first bond-building exercise with the Charles of Dickenshire has commenced. Very nice. Hope you have an enjoyable time. Don't forget to get Pickwick Papers. He's mad as hell, this man is.
And Bleak House is really quite something.
At least, I think so.
Not many agree.

Old Monk said...

P.S. I alaso have GOING POSTAL floating around somewhere, give me a yell if you want ti.....