Thursday, September 08, 2005

just so, boo. just so.

direct copy paste from here.

very close to my heart.
and very true.
and very true.

Monday, August 29, 2005
All these years and all these people have not and will never wash the dirt off me. But somewhere someone wrote a book that has given me the directions to a half-life. I realize that in my story, there will never be a prison sentence. But there will, eventually, be a death that I can only hope will be ruthless. Till then.
I am relentless
I am relentless
I will wait to watch you die
Wait for all the worms to crawl by
Into your flesh and frightened dying tones
Eat the hands that touched my lovely bones.

I am relentless
My mind reeks of your mange
Your sweaty touch hangs on to my rage
Your despicable mouth and one-hundred-fifty pounds
Upon my mind, my soul, my body’s howling sounds.

I am relentless
I can’t wait to stand laughing by
Stand and watch you pleading as you die
The worms I send will return to infest me
Like you once did, but I’ll live, naturally.

This poem will forever be work in progress. Thank you, Alice Sebold.


vaibhav said...

hey nice poem....altho a bit grim!!

longblackveil said...

yes, she does write byootifully well, doesn't she.

and as for 'grim', young man, you'll have to read that book, and then live it, to know.