Friday, September 30, 2005

Make that...... TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes.
The All Nation Transport Disruption Authorities have delayed the arrival of one Micheal, by a day.
He will now be arriving this eve, I hopes.

The background on nomenclature for Micheal:

Funny story. A juvenile invention by the 2 of us on one of our train trips across miles and miles of the Karnataka-Express route to Delhi, and thence the Puja Express route to Jammu. Since we effectively spend 4 days in and around trains, we have to come up with bright snappy ideas to while away our time in an innovative yet bizarre fashion.
On one of our trips we decided to speak only in Kashmiri [!!!] and to create faux names. Now, this boy looks eerily like an imported item, so we decided to give him an ordinary run-of-the-mill Kris-chun names.
First thing that came to mind was Micheal. [Don't ask why.]
And there you have it.

For future reference, please remember this formula.
Micheal = Suhail Qasim Malik.

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