Wednesday, September 28, 2005

About a girl/boy

It's getting on towards the end of the month.
This means that apart from the Obvious [What Obvious you ax? Why, that this is
the magical time when people like me are dead broke, and scrounge off assorted Boos and Tits], what is not so obvious to anyone else, but which I'm going to throw into the limelight right now, is that it is getting closer and closer to that Yahooooeeey Day when my Febi is going to have her first baybee... Yeaaah!!
I have already fixed things so that I shall be deemed Mother-in-Absence.
Mins, best to get these things cleared up beforehand. Febi doesn't know it yet, but I've hired Powerful Suits to draft some pretty intimidating paperwork.
Just to stay out of murky waters, wot? Helps to keep things clean, like.

In case you think I'm being sly, conniving, scheming, serpentine and other such things, Febi, let me say it before you. I am! Hahah.
Don't worry, though. I've asked the Suits to carefully put in Clause 420 which states clearly you'll have visitation rights once in a fortnight. The catch [yes, yes, there's always a catch, Febi!]- the catch is that you'll have to be dressed in a manner that pleases me. No more of your frilly, lacy Drusses, or your polka dotted stillettoes. I mean, it is my noble and conscientious duty to the child, that I shield him/her away from all the ugliness in life.
That includes disturbing wardrobes. Be warned.
And I hope to God you've gotten rid of those yellow-and-purple-striped bloomers that you're so fond of.


PS: Did you see the subtle charm with which I put in "him/her", while referring to incoming stork-delivery? As if one doesn't know!!!

[Twix, as well, while we're at it.]

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