Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Memoriam

I forgot to mention nice play I saw over weekend.

Things started off very badly. I'm talking about pre-show events,
not the actual play. Puh-leez. Like, be patient, y'all.

So, first, the ughly part. I speak of our traffic. Our mind-numbingly infuriating [query: Can we put in oxymorons like this? I mean, this is a bit extreme] traffic.

Started from CMH Road at 1830 hrs to meet Boo,
who was waiting three skips, hops, and a jump away
at Barista, St. Mark's.
In an ideal world, or even a mildly reasonable one, I should have made it before 1845 hrs. Neverrrr. Due to circumstances beyond human control [and almost endurance], I managed to meet the lady only at AAARRRRGGHHH..... 07:20 p.m.!
That's 50 minutes for a distance of less than 3 kilometres.... I might as well have rolled over to meet her. Probably would've been faster.

Anyway, once that was done, we were fretting over whether we were going to get tickets. Hope dawned in the form of one Alexei, whom Boo sms-ed to acquire the same.
Sweet lad accomplished said task in style, and we sat down comfortably for the showses.

And can I say, what a loveliest it was. I have come away feeling very impressed.
4 characters, all of whom carried their parts brilliantly. The play was almost a replication of same movie, but what a good replication it was. I have to say this was the first time I haven't been disappointed at the end of a show. Everything else I've watched has been mediocre. That's what I think. Please don't anybody get your hackles up. This is just me, yada-yada-yada-ing.

So, to sum up. Very Nice. Yay. Got money's worth.
Oi, that reminds me, haven't paid the Alexei yet.

Then....Aaameley, went to a Tavern. Lounged in sweet, scented corner, which Boo got to know really well, hyahahahaha.
The Shro was there with Sunny. Had late din-din at neighboring Empire.
Last scene of our night: Crashed at Shro's manney. Where else?!

That's all.

I mean it.


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Old Monk said...

Missed it, DAMN DAMN DAMN, but i did have a blasrt at chennai....so

Old Monk said...

I will retrieve GOING POSTAL, and then we shall cordinate with Boomsa when i get back and both shall be duly handed over

longblackveil said...

Oh Gawd, can you belive this? Blog spam, now. What the hell is the world coming to? Chwee.

OldMonk: Yay!
And I'm 'going mental'.

Ulp, yes, quite.

Mriganayanii said...

you're complaining. i got someone offering 'friendship and affection at nominal cost only' if you please..