Thursday, September 22, 2005

3 earth-shaking events have already come to pass this morning,
and its not even 0745 yet.
Here they are in order of importance, or actually not, but just as I remember them:

1] Overslept by 20 minutes and missed orifice cab. [*noooooo!*]
2] Added a bloke called vaibhav, who's from mubai, on right-hand side, under blogs to browse. [*surely you jest?!!*]
3] Brought brand new beautiful furfle bags as accessory in crime,
to work. [*can these things be!*]

such is the exciting life behind the blackveil.


Old Monk said...

GOOD NEWS!!! i just picked up the last copy of the Terry Pratchettt.
Its called THUD! and its another Sam Vimes spectacular. It also has mentions of Sam Junior, which is new. I should be back on tue, so I'll tell Boomsa where it is in my room, so i if u want it ask her to come pick it up from my place. Or, you could wait till im back from my many travels, on fri. P.S if ur wondering who i am, im the guy boomsa plays scrabble with, we met briefly at Koshys.....

vaibhav said...

Hey, thanks for adding my link in your blog. I will do the same. And who's Odie btw? Anyways, congrats to him for his new job....

Oh and what's your name?

longblackveil said...

To old monk: yaaaaaay!
of course, i remember, buddy, mate, friend! [overboard maybe?]

it must be a nice lovely purrsons, that hands out new THUDs to unknown entities, on the pure mediaeval basis of human trust.

I swear on my unborn child, your book, when i get my paws on it, shall be very well looked after.
Boomsa is my certication. just only ax her.

As for being someone who plays scrabble with Boo, I have put you up on my mantelpiece.

To a vaibhav: tsk tsk.
Odie is one of my fave ol' girls.
From chuddy-buddy days.
She is not being a he.

And as for name queries, what's in a name?
[that line's all mine. you betcha.]

Old Monk said...

The book that you borrowed was returned in good shape, so u have good credibility as far as that goes. Besides, books and music should be shared, otherwise whats the point. As for the scrabble, its a running battle.....