Saturday, October 30, 2004

and boomsa said...

that i was a saab, and shite!!! how did u know that, luv..
lemme share childhood dreams with furrsons.. we had a gorgeous, and i mean this in the extremest sense of the word... GORGEOUS Saab, back when i was still in 3rd or 4th grade.. a dull slate grey color, and it smelt and felt ... awesome..
and ever since then, i thot, this must be my car when im all big.
and then the anoo says im a saab and all seems fated right.
thwanx only.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

stuffy and nonsense

what a god-awful feeling... i hab a code.. ids vedy disturbing.. mins to say, my head feels like a stuffed something or the other...
an impending implosion makes itself felt.. ye olde internal organs, beware.. as if people didnt think i was snotty enough earlier, i now have actual physical evidence of the same. eeeyuk.

the abovementioned horrific state of affairs has ensued on account of a rash and blink-and-u-miss-it trip to delhi, for nuptial shoppingses. that was the idea.. 3 days in a pleasant delhi for complete trousseau requirements.. all is hunky dory till day 3 when the saba feels squeamish and uneasy in the inner throat region of her anatomy. very crazy shooping for 12 hours plus a dash to various staions and whatnots, cannot and did not help matters...
upshot.. arrival in jmu with an unbalanced state of mind and very heavy suitcases. read as: sick to my stomach..

and that is how things stand today.. to make things better, [it never rains but pours!!], the weather's acting all adoloscency like..
mins to say, cant make up its mind whether it wants to stay a comfy fall,or turn into nail-biting-c-c-c-c-old winter already.. so we have a 2-faced clime to accompany my chills and, err... yes, it must be said, spills.. blanket-wrapping and sockses-tugging has begun in full earnest. life's a lark.
oh hedd..
thats id then. swimmy vision, and jaw-locking headache in tow,
i bid u


Friday, October 15, 2004

of tomorrows and after

a month begins tomorrow.. no, im not speaking in tongues.
it would be in the lunar world that people would instantly jump up and say, " Oi! i know what she's getting at, the scarfy rascal..".
to release the immense pressure of 'not-knowing' that weighs on all ur shoulderses, the answer is.. Ramadan! yeahhh..

fasting feasting in the truest sense.. any delusions that the world has that we starve ourselves and reallly! how-do-they-do-it- yakitty-yak, doesnt apply.. we go the whole hog.
cliches seem to be appearing. i must disappear.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

it happened one afternoon

and it was a saba..!!
just and only the first time i have blogged. but more to come, or as the lovely stipes says,