Wednesday, August 31, 2005


just see what writes.. just and only see.

"Sergant Colon was a picture of misery drawn on a lumpy pavement in a bad crayon on a wet day."

you mad mad mad man.

Monday, August 29, 2005

*does ancient kashmiri tribal jig*

Friday, August 26, 2005


not this! not ferrari.
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. kimiiiiiii!
first alonso, now kimi...ugh. no. scuderia be damned.
[fading...] noooo....

ps: all exclamation marks are completely understandable.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

of small worlds

found out Ruth [from work] was a junior at cottons. except that we were never in the same campus together. jus that she knows people i know. like bones, varsh, smreetei, chy and other things.
also, scarily enough, she is related to victoria and nancy!

ruth is just now telling me of the famous-fish-face of a smreetei.

jest only...

one is thinking that one should write another shwort story for the chy.
it's all forming in my head but the practical difficulties one faces in actually putting pen to paper are maddening. mins, how to take that first scwary steps? or rather, when.

i usually have unbelievable 'write cravings' circa 0200 hrs,just when i'm about to drop off to sleep. when the temple known as my body [yahahaha!!! what a phrase] refuses to assist the crazy brain in overdrive. highly annoying.

Monday, August 22, 2005

welcome back, boo!

and many much thwanxxes for the fretty presents all in a row.
i'm beginning to vicariously enjoy my freinds' holidays like you won't believe. hyaahahaah.
am jest now only already wearing 2 of the junkiest anklets ever. in colors that boggle the mind. stunning.
once again, thanxx use.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

a funny chandrasekaran

some people are so funny. and i mean humorous. that's a good thing.
i happen to like smiling.
so i expand my blog to include smile-inducers.

most links, courtesy boomsa.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is where I be

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!
not by usher.
this is day 1 at new job. am liking immensely. that is to say, we're in training, and i'm learning things that i will eventually be doing and which will ultimately reach a real-life individual somewhere in the world. i gather i'm going to be enhancing the audio-visual experience of t.v and film viewers.. yahahahhahahah.
what a funs.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

to the lovely ladies.....

must be said exactly as the magical dave matthews says it, or else, the phrase loses its mass appeal.

i am very happy and i'm smiling, and i will walk miles to drink water. provided it's going to be with my crazy,lovely, gorgeous friends.
had a wonderful yesterday. got the job i was itching for, and which had let me hang in anticipation for a bright and cheerful 3 weeks. aaarrgghh. the lovely ladies know all about the angst.

thunn. afterwards, when i was trying to wipe grins of my mug, i met up with boomsa. she was in the grandest mood. she was stunning in saffron. mins, shiuw-sena types.. bad mouthing mussslims like me.
we had larfs over that, in addition to everything else.
she made me realise that i would never be able to say 'psyched buggggers' like she can. or do assorted crazy things that are unique to her face. she was a brilliant.

thunnn. crazy chris waltzed in with his angel jerusha. the hair was only the start of magic in her. she was a package deal of GREAT. also finally saw kavya, chris's wife, in real life. i mean apart from at their wedding. she's lovely.

[boo left for a mumbai today. have funs.]

thunn. rode like speedy gonzalves, god bless his soul, to shro's folks' maney, so i could shware more of my joy.. took pastries and things for thems. deedan loves it. aloka was very sweet to me, with a hug. plus futher expansion plans for Saboka's. also, she has a brilliant 10-year plan for me! pinaki looked on beningly, and smiled beatifically.

that was yesterday.

today i spent almost in entirety with the madness called laura. we talked and talked and talked and yes, it was very nice. all these chicks i hang out with constantly remind me that i did a good things by coming here, rather than wander out to discover the new world. note to self: old is gold.

recommend coffee world to all people in and around koramangala. go there!
mins, thats it. bwaai.