Thursday, December 29, 2005

Merry Christmas and Harping on the New Year, to all.

I love this time of the year. It's called the 'good riddance' phase.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Oh, my God, the coincidence. The miraculous eerie coincidence.
Had a marvellous real-life rendition of this by Boomsa at Potato's Blushing Bride party this past Saturday night. Could not/would not believe that it could be an actuality.

And now, ye gods, I have video footage, with detailed and complete lyrics. Many thanks to the younger Chandrasekaran for making my day.

Pls read magnificent lyrics off her site first, then take the plunge for the video.

Boo at The Octopus

Yay, yay, yay.
I had much funs, dear Boo.
You and the Ostrich, red and green, Shanky on stringed instrument, great weather, good food, strong sheeshaa and Tadaaaaaa! We have ourselves a great evening, ladies and gen'lemen.

Am muchly proud of it. *huggs**mwuaaah*

I shall stalk it at all future performances though you'll probably find me out because of my long black veil.
And also, because you happen to know me.

So, until next time.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Sending out an SOS!!!

There's a reason for 3 exclamation marks in my title. It suggests Urgency.

The crisis is as such.
Am living in divine, large, roomy, airy, comfy, furnished 1-bedroom flat in a pretty sleepy residential part of town.
No, that is not the problem, thank you very much, smarty-pants.
That is the intro to the problem.
The trouble arises in the fact that that current flatmate is moving in to neighboring digs with Her Heartthrob.
Not leaving me in the lurch with immediate effect, but in time, that could be the state of affirs.
The crux of the matter is, if and when it happens, this writer shall not be able to bear the economic burden of monthly rent by her lonesome self. Sob.

So, hence, therefore, thusly, and ergo , am all eyes peeled for new lady persons to move in with me. This is very important. I am firm on this point. I will not have men/boys/ants/goats as flatmates.
This offer is open in Bangalore. For those of you in Delhi, Mumbai, Afghanistan or Jamaica, who jumped up with joy at this serendipitious [spelling ok?] news, too bad. Unless you want to go on living wherever you currently live and split my rent with me anyways?
*beatific smile at the thought*

So. Sing the Police song as stated in the title, and gimme a ring!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

I watched that lovely, lovely movie Almost Famous over the weekend.

And again, was smitten by this gorgeous kid Patrick Fugit.
How sweet was he?
Awww shucks.

Of course, Kate Hudson was smashing, but this boy Took A Little Piece Of My Heart

Friday, December 09, 2005

The Octopus

Finally, after years and years, I made it to Opus.
Watched the Ostrich and buddies playing Hooky. Far, far better setting for brilliant music of the kind that they play. Pat on back for the crowd.

Boomsa was gorgeous in red swari. She was, as remarked upon by a gentleman on alighting from stage, having both traditional and spiritual. Yahahahahah.

Completely enjoyed the entire evening. Even the nibbles we had were good, plus I had a little Double Apple sheesha. 4 puffs exactly, because beyond that I tend to get nauseous.

Joke of the nuit: My fresh Fruit Punch- IRS 175/-
Friend's pint of KingFisher's- IRS 65/-

Ye gods.

Boomsa and Tinkerbell crashed at my house afterwards. Yeah!!!! My house, my house! I can say that after so long. It's a nice, warm and slightly fuzzy feeling.

Had mega-omelettes at about 0130 hrs in the morning because of hunger pangs. Boomsa is veg, but now, thank god, loves omelette. We shall have many more, my frundhsips. Just come off anytimes.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Watched Hook perform at Central last Friday. Vot a vonderfuls. I shall not rave much about the Ostrich, or the Shanks or the Prakashes, that make up said band. In a word, they were brilliance.

Very bizarre setting for the performance though. A mall. With 2 freaky kids causing Boomsa and me much discomfort and annoynace. Boomsa esp, since one of the kids was dressed in a strangely revolting polka-dotted pink thingy.

Post show, we headed onwards and upwards to the food court and I had me a chicken stroganoff. From an over the counter fast-food stall. In my defense I have to say I was very hungry. And so, I enjoyed even that.

Interesting aside: Was stared out of countenance by a lady sitting across from me. For the entire duration of my meal. Because we were of the same religious leanings and I looked so outwardly? Boo and friend were amused. They were certain that it was a stare-marathon with penultimate Matriminial Objective. Haha, I say. If only the lady knew!

And then..... Most interesting incident occurred as I vroomed away to my new digs. Was zipping along on a nice clean, open stretch of M.G.Road, doing a comfortable 40-50 kph, when from out of nowhere, a soddy and very smashed old man dragged his bicycle and started walking across the road. MoBiker Man in front of me screeches and swerves just in time. Myself, not so lucky. I screech, I swerve, and I fall. And get dragged along for a few seconds.
Contrary to popular belief, your life does not flash before your eyes in the last few seconds. Or whatever. Nope.
What I was wondering as I looked back in slo-mo at the oncoming traffic, helmet scraping ground beautifully all the while, was, which one of these lucky vehicles is going to *whump* over me in a bit. Not pleasant, but highly practical thinking, if I may say so myself.

Sweet, touching events unfolded once I had finished my Impressive Skideroo. A magical crowd gathered up to gather me. Some kind soul handed me my mobile phone which had made an escape bid onto the road. Some other kind soul handed me my toe ring. Wha..? How?

I have this to say about sudden accidents. The shock that kicks in for the first few minutes after is really very, very interesting. You get a third-person take on yourself. Sort of disembodied feel. Very nice, I say. I don't need to try drugs if I keep this up.

SO anyway, collected myself in about 10 minutes. Bid fond farewell to the sidewalk where I had been sitting.
On reaching home, found that the kurta I had been wearing [*sniff* one of my favourites too, from Brahma], had been rudely torn apart through my fleece jacket- also ripped; and my jeans were on their last legs. Had painful but necessary hot bath and thanked The UpAbove for letting me hang around here for a bit more.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Go, boys!

Monday, November 21, 2005

A very satisfying weekend

In spite of Tits not being in the picture, I got a lot of goodness accomplished.

Firstly, rented 3 movies to watch at homestead. Fever Pitch, Wimbledon, and Alfie. 2 out of 3 were ok. Alfie sucks. Pls avoid. Jude Law, I love you terribly, and in a wildly unladylike manner, but really. Nevermind.

Received Birth Announcement Card from the Febi, with a dreamy picture of little Yasin. Yay.

Saturday: Went with Pinkai to drop Deedan to the airport. She was off to Calcutta to binge with brother-and-other kin.
Aloks and Pinaki followed suit Sunday morning. Returning on Dec 3rd.

Met with Laura Love after ever so long. We decided to catch up over [and after] a movie. Time-and-choice being of the limited edition sorts, we ended up going for a movie known as Garam Masala. Hot Spices, if you please. The horrific title had already given me a sense of Impending Doom, but we went in nevertheless. The only saving grace was that we bought Gandhi Class tickets, so that's not too much money wasted. [Although this again is debatable, because any money spent on that crap is a waste.]
Within the first 15 minutes, we began to dream up imaginative ways of escaping in the dark. It started with little fidgets. The forced laughter we attempted [it was a comedy, and we thought, let us try] tapered out soon enough. Gave way to whimpering.
Brave as dammit, we weathered the maddening assault on all senses up until the Inter val/mission. And then, my, but how we ran! Like Speedy Gonzalves multiplied by 2.

Let me mention that I have sat through pretty atrocious movies in my time. But, this was just taking it to another level. There comes a Tide in the Affairs of man, which taken at the Flood, leads on to Greater Fortunes? Yes, Mr. Wodehouse? Well, we thought that the tide was up, and we swam for it.
The Greater Fortune turned out to be soothing eatery known as The Bread Bar, on Church Street. Frazzled nerve endings were patted into silence by mammoth sandwich I ordered and devoured. Accompanied by chilled pineapple juice which is very good for you. And you, also.

That was Saturday. Ooh, yes, and also received exciting invite [re-invite actually] to head to Boomsa's manney for luncheon on following day.
Could hardly sleep, what with the anticipatory drool that comes before sampling Shout's cooking. Or is it Scream? I forget.

Sunday dawned bright and byootiful, but I was asleep when it did. Reached Boomsa's post-noon. The Boys were preening on rooftop. Somu wanted a tan. Hyder didn't know why he was there, but he was. [He came down later, and oh-my-God, what funs.]

Yeeeaaaaaahhhhhh!!! I met Boomsa FINALLY, and my dil went hmmm-mmmm-mmm. Of course, that's what it does nowadays, don't you know?
Met Poatato!!! Yeeaahhh. So nice. So very amazingly nice it was.
Met Potato's Pink, and didn't know it!! Yeeaaahhh. [*slap* I know, quite pathetic.]
Was truly all gladness. He's a lovely, and together, they are a lovely.
Met Uncle Anand. Yeeaahhhh. He did his Baywatch act and got Hero#1 for 5th year running. There's no matching up to this dude.

Boomsa did some nifty work with baby potatoes, of the botanical, not human, kind. A pinch of this, a dash of that, some magical hand-waving, chanting, spell-weaving, and vee-oh-lah! She had readied the most lip-smacking Potato-Pallya ever.
*resounding applause*

Frunds arrived. My toes did inevitable toe-curling exercise. [I really need to do something about this, it can be awkward for the hosts.] Fortunately, live match b/w Pakistan and England was going on, and I could direct my super concentration that-a-way, and away from lower digits. Inzamam, I love you. Also, Mohd Yousuf nee Youhana.

[Speaking of lower digits, thanks yous, El, thanks yous, I am loving all the sockses.]

THEN.......*drumroll*... LUNCH BEGAN.

Ach Crivens, the spread that was! The aromas, the tastes, the overall effect! The ghee, the love, the magic! Eeks. We all tried our best. No stone was left unturned. We dug deep into our innermost selves to pile in as much, and then some more, of the Foods. When no more was humanly/pigly possible, we had to stop. After all, haha, there was dreamy creamy chocklit cake and ice cream to follow, was there not? There was.

I could go on and on, but I am feeling faint.

In a word, at the end of it all, we had to loosen out belts. [And if possible, discreetly undo our topmost pyjama button.]

I could've and would've stayed at Boomsa's for many more leisurely hours, but, ye Gods, prior commitments had been made. Had to vroom away to pick up Chy and then change into our witch-robes, just in time for the Harry Potter-Goblet show, or so we thought. We were late. Missed the Quidditch Cup, and the Veelas. Hyuk.

The video quality at Symphony sucks. Ptttthhh.
Cedric Diggory is dreamy. I shall watch out for this lad to grow up into something very interesting. Heeeehhahah.

Post movie, we upped and downed Brig Road. Very bad idea on a weekend evening. But this was emergency sich-way-shuns.

Bye-byes to Chy, and headed homewards. Was aching, creaking in various muscular regions. I never knew muscles could creak, but they do. Shows how much you know. Bah.

If I were a sensible person, I would've crashed immediately on return, in accordance with early rising for MY JOB.
But the, I have never yet been accused of sense or sensibility, so what I did was, by mistake started checking the movie channels. And yahoo. I found Monster. The second half of which I had never managed to watch, and lways wanted to, and tadaaa, that's what I did.
Brilliant, Ms Theron, very brilliant.
Butt seriously. [And there's another story behind this] How did she do that? How can a flawless beauty, manage to look and act like Aileen Monster.
I loved it/her/them/all. After suitable weeping at end of flick, finally did the needful and curled up in the dark.

PS: I always get the loveliest sleep after sobbing my heart out for a movie. Is it a universal phenomenomenomenon?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Other Morning

Was having breakfast in our Pork [Pantry at Work].
The fare included Hot Veg Channa Something, along with hot chapatis.
And steaming cups of chai. Nothing to complain about.
Except that the chapatis were slightly overdressed in left-over flour.
Mr Baker had forgotten to do the dusting that morning.
With the end result, that by the time I was done smacking my lips and patting my full stomach, I had white powdery particles all over my clothes, and more obviously, all over my LongBlackVeil [yes, yes, there is a reason I call my blog what I do!]. Mins like to say, I was looking tardy and as though I had just dunked my head in talcum powder.

My kind frund Ruth pointed out to me that I needed to get the muck off me, and I said out loud: Ok, then. I'll just head to the loo and get De-floured.

Umm, really. You try saying it out loud. In a room full of grownups.
That's my story.
This here is a direct Copy-Paste job from Roger Stevens' Blog.
He writes beautifully. Go and see off.

Hey Diddle Diddle

Hey diddle diddle
The cat and the fiddle
The cow jumped over the bed
The little dog laughed
But not for long
Because the cow landed right on his head.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting.........YASIN.

Absolute stunner, Masha'Allah. Based solely on that fact, one might think he may not be Febi's , but it turns out he feeds a hundred times a day, so he's definitely got some of her genes. Much love to you, my Febi. Take good care. *hugs*

Have a look-see.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Looooooooooooooo.....oooonnnng day at work.

PS: Boomsa, pls to excuse ellipses, and their entire kith-kin.

Friday, November 11, 2005

The Weekend- Part 2

Almost into the next weekend, and I have thus far been shamelessly putting off writing the sequel to the gripping post in re of the revelries of last Sunday.

Frankly, I myself am quite bored with the whole deal. I can only assume that you will be even more so, and yay, much to your good fortune, I shall only give a short synopsis of the remainder. [Yahahahahha! You thought you'd ecsape with nothing at all? Well, well, well, just goes to show you who's boss around here!]

So, to conclude. Tits collected safely, we made with the luggage to her apartment. Slept in late the next morning. Woke up and had a long, serious, heart-rending tete-a-tete with Tits about how best to spend the rest of the day. At each turn we drew a blank. Nothing. Absolute flummox deal was happening.

Finally, in the nick of time [meaning before all was lost and we had had lunch], we decided to do the risque thing. Throw caution to the winds. Be all-out Take-That-In-Your-Faces-Haha!

Yes, we decided to rent some movies, laze around in our PJ's [Tits' had sheep on hers, I wore a sedate peach], and in general, try and change the face of the Universe.

So, we got Big Fish, which is beautiful and mad all things nice. That Albert Finney guy is something. Ewan Mcgregor is splendid to watch, and I'm not even close to being his fan. Jessica Lange is lovely. So is daughter-in-law. The son was very bland. Will Bloom I think. Ho hum.

And that was that.

Shortly after the crazy movie finished, I upped and made for my room. Bid teary fare thee well to frund Tits, and spent last happy solo night at my digs.
Slept fitfully in apprehensive state of mind, thinking evil thoughts about impending arrival of roomie on the morrow.

I have concluded my story. Fanmail should be directed to my official cllections site. Only envelopes with Hard Cash and/or Sodexho passes are accepted.

Monday, November 07, 2005

The Weekend- Part 1

Still recovering from long weekend, followed by a well-tried-but-who're-you-trying-to-fool 2 days of work, and then another long weekend.
The grand newses is that Tits [photo alongside- She looks saucy in blue, yes?]
is back!
A rowdy bunch of individuals [being her Ma, Pa, Parsi-Bhai Nousher, and Me] went to collect her from Bangalore Airport, this Sunday morning at 0025hrs. We made a grand success of being a nuisance to all and sundry. (Especially to sundry, whom we took a dislike to from the word Go.)
Before leaving to get her though, we made a Saturday night of it by ourselves.
We played some mad Scrabble and had a shamefully late dinner at 2330 hrs.
Once again, Aloka took the cake and ate it too. With a blush-indusing word like GROPERS, she creamed us at Round 2. Then on, we played just for the sake of playing. 'Twas all a lost cause. She finished up at almost 300, and Nousher and me hadn't even scraped together a respectable 150 each. Sigh. Oh, well, let it never be said that I'm a sore loser. I grinned and bore it. Again.

At 0000hrs P.D. [Post Dinner], we had this mad craving for a round of decadent dessert. Thereupon ensued a lambasting of The City We Live In, for not having any respectable Patisseries [or for that matter any ol' place] open after 2300hrs. Hugely disappointed, fuming and other suchlikes, and with no time to spare to vent further emotions, we left for the Airport. One faint glimmer of Hope seemed to be a Cafe Coffee Day [or Cofay Caffee Day, as Aloka would have it], at the Airport itself...... Suspenseful music ran in the background while we drove to said premises.
And..... Yayyyyy!!! What a joys when we saw it was up and running. Forgetting fastly about impending arrival of Tits, we headed for a feast at ze Cafe. Had something hilarious called Chocolate Funda.
Pls note: The nomenclature was hilarious, but the taste wasn't.
Oh, yes, it was a lovely.
Grabbed a capuccino, and decided we might as well pick up Tits since we there already.
While whiling away time, waiting for her, we passed snide comments at Tom, Dick and Hari. We hooted. We whooped. We giggled unabashedly. We visualised silly situations of Tits taking so much time to come out because she was going to stroll out with a blond, blue-eyed, tall Swiss hunk, and say: Ma, I have something to tell you....
Then we changed the situish around to make it more plausible- that she'd walk out with a tall, blonnde, blue-eyed Swiss bimbette lady, and NOT a hunk. [This thought truly scared me to the bees of my knees].

Anyway, all said and done, out pop Tits, thankfully all alone and without the blonde vamp of my nightmares in tow. Reached home late [or early, depending on whether you're a glass half empty/full sort].

Sampled Swiss chocolates immediately on arrival of home, just to ensure that her baggage hadn't been swapped and goodies switched with fakes. Err, yes.

And that was that.

Also, my right wrist is paining, and I don't want to type anymore.
There is much more to be said for the weekend, but that will have to be tomorrows.
Oh, please, nahiin nahiniiin, don't hold your collective breaths.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dear Blog,
Eid Mubarak


This past Saturday was going really well. Met up with Tits for her last-minute shopping. Met Quasimodo after a long time. We were just 3 gals hitting town, shopping out, giggling maniacally, acting seriously juvenile and all such things that go hand-in-hand with the above scenario. Felt elated at the end of the day for all the good shopping we managed. [More elation at the thought that all the heavy bills would be footed by the parent comapny of said Tits. Yay!]
And so we trudged to Chez Tits, with many, many obscene bags of goodies.

And we were still in mid-grin, when we noticed something on the telly.
Familiar sinking feeling in the abdominal area. Familiar slow-mo sitting down, and sudden silence as we quietly watched the ugliness unfold.
Shiny, happy people out to enjoy 2 of the biggest festivals of their worlds. Having fun times just like we were having that day. And then, in a matter of moments, their lives were turned over, messed up.

News stories about incomprehensible things like this always manage to hit me hard. Oftentimes I'll be sobbing while watching documentaries by BBC [who do a very good job of it]. I'll watch the late night news and go to sleep disturbed and , there's no other word for it, sad. So, of course the Delhi blasts left me upset for the entire night. I was full to overflowing with opinions, anger, disappointment and what-have-you.

And then, just like that, I clean forgot. Got on with life, wot.
And I really find that quite disturbing. On a personal level.
I believe I was seething, raging, fuming, yadda-yadda-yadda on Saturday, when I watched the news streaking in across various channels. Ready to jump up and bellow out at whoever-the-hell-they-thought-they-were.
So, what is this? What's up with my mind? How gross.
That's about it. Now I'm disgusted, so I'll just leave off.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


1]Looooooooong weeekend.
2]Happy Diwali. More sound, less light this year round. To be precise, the explosions started at 0547 hrs Tuesday morning. And went on till well past midnight. What larks. Still, if one stuck one's fingers in each ear, and gritted one's teeth, it all looked pretty pretty from the rooftop. So now you know what I did.
3]The Shro has flew away to Geneva on work. My heart aches*.
4]Met frund Thirtha after oh-so-long and it was nice. Same old same old.
5]Slept in late on many days.
6]Grinned and watched as Pinkai sweetly lit up diyas in and around the house.

*To make up for said heartache, I crashed at Shro's place..*lopsided half-grin*
About my last post. I can see people reeling in the streets, not getting it. Smile!Here's the smallish explanation.

My dear crazy Fabida had a beautiful boy express delivered to her by a Stork, the Sunday prior to the one just gone by. She was undecided on a name. THEN, she became decided on a name. That name is YASEEN. And it is a gorgeous name for us Muslims.
To clarify further, Yaseen is the name of one of the chapters in the Holy Quran. That is the link I had put up on the previous post. Or rather, it was the translation of the original Arabic. It is quite stunning in the Arabic, and English, of course, doesn't even come close to capturing anything like its true meaning. Still, there it is.

Hope some brows are unfurrowed.

Friday, October 28, 2005


Hello, mister mister.
I hear you've been established as Yaseen.

That's lovely, mother. Very beautiful.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here. Do Something.

Febi Bebi

My dearest sweetest Fabida...
God bless, God bless. I was skipping with joy, I was hitting the roof, I was calling up unknown people to say:
Hey!! Hey, you!! My frund from the good older days, my partner in many unspeakables, my madness-equivalent from before I can clearly remember, is now a MOTHER! Can you believe the magic in them few words? The prettiness of everything? The way the colours are all brighter in a "Requiem for a Dream" kind of way?

I'm completely stunned, grinning, and kicked in the extremest.[Ye gods! Not in the 'extremities', in the 'extremest'. There's a world of difference.]
Oh, but I am a happiness.

The Big Day:
Sunday, 23rd September, 2005- circa 1900 hrs, California somewhere.
That would be, let's see, Ramadan 19th/ 20th, Hijri 1426, yes?

Spoke with your Samir the next morning. Could hear him smiling all the way over here.
He says you have a whopper: 4kgs and then some.. Yay!
Tell me fastestly what name you decide upon.

I am going away now. To do a celebratory tribal jig. In some corner where innocent children won't be liable to chance upon such a ghastly sight... We hope.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Vitriol, why not?

What pisses me off is that it has taken less than a month for the entire world and its uncle to forget that there was a terrible terrible quake, along with its aftermath, in Kashmir.

And what pisses me off even more, is that from Day 2 onwards, what was being thrown around in discussions more than relief and assistance packages, was whether the 2 ballsy neighboring factions could use this tragedy to become better friends and smile over coffee someday.

In further pissification news, I spoke with my people back in Kashmir, and even there, no one is really bothered. Bollocks and more.

The first snows have fallen. In any case, post September it always is bloody chilly up in the mountains, whether it's snowy or not. If it's not the snow,
it's cold, painfully cold rain.

And my people have no tents, no blankets, no nothing.

Aww. I hope India and Pakistan can really learn to better understand each other.
I really farking do.

Monday, October 24, 2005

Bumming on the Beach, Plan A

The last week and more has been a little crazy.
More than a little. Breathing space at work was cut down to bare miniminimumunimunum.
Or something.
This week has been so-par-suksex-full.

Am planning on romantic weekend trip with Tits. We have to first settle upon a place,
then cross our t's and dot the i's.
Mins like to say, we have to finalise everything. After we initialise them.

Looks like it's going to be a next Friday eve to following Sunday night thingy.
And we've sort of centred down on Podicherry, as the place to be going for.
Boomsa, shall we make it a cosy threesome?


Come off, I say.

Monday, October 17, 2005


That's relief packages being chuted down. Tragic doesn't beging to describe things.

Many books

Have received and been floored with books.
The unit of measurement would not be 1,2,3 no.s.
More appropriate to what I received last eve would be in tonnage. To approximate, I think I rceived 14 tonnes of book from Boomsa, sourced from the kindly OldMonk.
Yay, mins!

Thwanxx thwanxx thwanxx.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Lovely Bones

Bones called me the other night.
And we talked and we talked, and nothing in particular was dicussed,
and everything was said, and in short, it was lovely.
It was a wonderfuls just to hear her.
Love you many, Boneses. See you here swoonest.

PS: Have also started reading book of same name by Alice Sebold, given me by a Boomsa. So par, I have been sukseksfull in louwing it, Hanifi.
Just seeing this brings tears to my eyes... *sniffle*
Six in a row. Yippee.
And that's the way it's done!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Many thanks to Vignesh [via Boomsa] from whose blog I've pilfered
this-funniest-of-all link.

Have a look-see.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yesterday, being a second Friday [I swear I don't know when the original
First Friday was], there was the thingamajig-gig that always happens at at B'ista.

Li'l Jude sang with siblings. 2 of them, in fact.
She was, and they all were, very brilliant. Superb song selections.
K.D. Lang, and Del Amitri, John Mayer.

Coming back to the siblings.....
Have come away crushed on either/or. Depending on whether the song was
heavily acoustic guitarred, or, on the other hand, heavily electrified.

I swung both ways last night!

Friday, September 30, 2005

Make that...... TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, yes.
The All Nation Transport Disruption Authorities have delayed the arrival of one Micheal, by a day.
He will now be arriving this eve, I hopes.

The background on nomenclature for Micheal:

Funny story. A juvenile invention by the 2 of us on one of our train trips across miles and miles of the Karnataka-Express route to Delhi, and thence the Puja Express route to Jammu. Since we effectively spend 4 days in and around trains, we have to come up with bright snappy ideas to while away our time in an innovative yet bizarre fashion.
On one of our trips we decided to speak only in Kashmiri [!!!] and to create faux names. Now, this boy looks eerily like an imported item, so we decided to give him an ordinary run-of-the-mill Kris-chun names.
First thing that came to mind was Micheal. [Don't ask why.]
And there you have it.

For future reference, please remember this formula.
Micheal = Suhail Qasim Malik.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Micheal is coming today!!!!
Will make it meet Boomsa, Tits, Chy and other assortments.

What I Learnt Today

Another word for volte-face is tergiversation.

Hmm. Really.
Try using that in a conversation.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

About a girl/boy

It's getting on towards the end of the month.
This means that apart from the Obvious [What Obvious you ax? Why, that this is
the magical time when people like me are dead broke, and scrounge off assorted Boos and Tits], what is not so obvious to anyone else, but which I'm going to throw into the limelight right now, is that it is getting closer and closer to that Yahooooeeey Day when my Febi is going to have her first baybee... Yeaaah!!
I have already fixed things so that I shall be deemed Mother-in-Absence.
Mins, best to get these things cleared up beforehand. Febi doesn't know it yet, but I've hired Powerful Suits to draft some pretty intimidating paperwork.
Just to stay out of murky waters, wot? Helps to keep things clean, like.

In case you think I'm being sly, conniving, scheming, serpentine and other such things, Febi, let me say it before you. I am! Hahah.
Don't worry, though. I've asked the Suits to carefully put in Clause 420 which states clearly you'll have visitation rights once in a fortnight. The catch [yes, yes, there's always a catch, Febi!]- the catch is that you'll have to be dressed in a manner that pleases me. No more of your frilly, lacy Drusses, or your polka dotted stillettoes. I mean, it is my noble and conscientious duty to the child, that I shield him/her away from all the ugliness in life.
That includes disturbing wardrobes. Be warned.
And I hope to God you've gotten rid of those yellow-and-purple-striped bloomers that you're so fond of.


PS: Did you see the subtle charm with which I put in "him/her", while referring to incoming stork-delivery? As if one doesn't know!!!

[Twix, as well, while we're at it.]

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

In Memoriam

I forgot to mention nice play I saw over weekend.

Things started off very badly. I'm talking about pre-show events,
not the actual play. Puh-leez. Like, be patient, y'all.

So, first, the ughly part. I speak of our traffic. Our mind-numbingly infuriating [query: Can we put in oxymorons like this? I mean, this is a bit extreme] traffic.

Started from CMH Road at 1830 hrs to meet Boo,
who was waiting three skips, hops, and a jump away
at Barista, St. Mark's.
In an ideal world, or even a mildly reasonable one, I should have made it before 1845 hrs. Neverrrr. Due to circumstances beyond human control [and almost endurance], I managed to meet the lady only at AAARRRRGGHHH..... 07:20 p.m.!
That's 50 minutes for a distance of less than 3 kilometres.... I might as well have rolled over to meet her. Probably would've been faster.

Anyway, once that was done, we were fretting over whether we were going to get tickets. Hope dawned in the form of one Alexei, whom Boo sms-ed to acquire the same.
Sweet lad accomplished said task in style, and we sat down comfortably for the showses.

And can I say, what a loveliest it was. I have come away feeling very impressed.
4 characters, all of whom carried their parts brilliantly. The play was almost a replication of same movie, but what a good replication it was. I have to say this was the first time I haven't been disappointed at the end of a show. Everything else I've watched has been mediocre. That's what I think. Please don't anybody get your hackles up. This is just me, yada-yada-yada-ing.

So, to sum up. Very Nice. Yay. Got money's worth.
Oi, that reminds me, haven't paid the Alexei yet.

Then....Aaameley, went to a Tavern. Lounged in sweet, scented corner, which Boo got to know really well, hyahahahaha.
The Shro was there with Sunny. Had late din-din at neighboring Empire.
Last scene of our night: Crashed at Shro's manney. Where else?!

That's all.

I mean it.


*flourish of trumpets.........*


Him of booklending fame.
Which, of course, reflects on his good, pure, and compassionate 'art.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Birthday Bashes

Dear Deedan

A very happy birthday for yesterday.
You are SUCH a babe, at 83!!
Had many sinful funs at your place.
Ate like the forbidden pig,
popped a can of Red Bull! Ushushsu, indeed.

And as for today.
Happy Birthday to a sweet thing. God Bless always.
Am lates...
Have to run to buy tickets for "Closer".
Play based on movie of same-name-fame.

Have heard good things about it.
They better be true, or someone's going to have to answer to the Wrath that will be me.
See you, Boo. And Alexei. And Shro, maybe? With a Sunny smile?

The Ka-ching Thing

No, not a new, misspelt verb form.
It is in fact the phenomenon of my nice workplace allowing the likes of me
[read as 'New Inductee into Clique of Employed' (N.I.C.E)] to volunteer to work on Saturdays, and make extra, much-needed moneys.

after all, it's all about the money,
you dumb,dumb, da-da-da-dumbs!

Haha. So this was my first entrepreneurial step.
That is, today was.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

3 earth-shaking events have already come to pass this morning,
and its not even 0745 yet.
Here they are in order of importance, or actually not, but just as I remember them:

1] Overslept by 20 minutes and missed orifice cab. [*noooooo!*]
2] Added a bloke called vaibhav, who's from mubai, on right-hand side, under blogs to browse. [*surely you jest?!!*]
3] Brought brand new beautiful furfle bags as accessory in crime,
to work. [*can these things be!*]

such is the exciting life behind the blackveil.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Odie got a new job.. I am all happiness. It's so ugly when nice people are stuck in barf-esque places, day after day after day.
Good for you, sweetness.

Monday, September 19, 2005


was brilliant.

Met up with one of my oldest girlfreinds, from when I was back in Dubai.
Circa 1993 onwards, if you please.

We had a very nice time. Sweet dahling bought me lunch, and, if that wasn't good enough, we then hit Crossword, where she surprised me
with Plath's The Bell Jar.
wow. my cup kind of ran over right there, and i might have even wet my pants.

and then, and then, if you must know,
I had a laughathon
with Eats, Shoots and Leaves.
what larks, indeed, boo.

so, it was a grand sunday.
today hasn't been bad at all, either.
work is non-existent, which means I have ample time
to play online Scrabble, download music illegally
and do other such things that are looked down upon
by the moral police, wherever they may be.

i am such a bad girl.

methinks I'll go and get a beer now.
inebriation is about the only Vice unexplored by me today.
oh, no wait, then there's drugs and carnal pleasures.
but patience, one at a time.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

swapna aur hanif...jwava city mein!!

har har..
had a loveliest times woth the boo yesternight.
we met for, mins, chwatting only. and to swee each udders.
spur-of-moment sms from boo had me running for my jacket and bike keys, just as soon as I was able to collect my scattered limbs off the ground beneath.
boo's hindi messages often have this sort of effect on one. one is floored, like.

also, finally met her very ept [and very hot] friend alex.
must say, boo, very eye-candy.
but in a sweet, school-boy innocent sort of way.
Unfortunately I have come away with maternal feelings for the tot.
Esp. after he throws out random remarks like, "oh, I was in a crash today."
Eeks. hullo? a little less conversation, a little more melodarama, maybe.

so, anyway. then...
boo tells me i'm in for very saucy sockses from the foreigns. yay!!

*turns cartwheels while strewing confetti*
[and let me tell you, that's a very difficult thing to do.]

Monday, September 12, 2005

A Boo, being M.I.A.

scooby-boo, where are yooooooooooooo...?

dear Hanif,
where it is?

aww. shucks.

and again...

my cup runneth over.

which is just as well.
i believe in the coming season i'm going to have to slit my wrists, seeing as the favored hotties are going to be joining Ferr-ugh-ri.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

just so, boo. just so.

direct copy paste from here.

very close to my heart.
and very true.
and very true.

Monday, August 29, 2005
All these years and all these people have not and will never wash the dirt off me. But somewhere someone wrote a book that has given me the directions to a half-life. I realize that in my story, there will never be a prison sentence. But there will, eventually, be a death that I can only hope will be ruthless. Till then.
I am relentless
I am relentless
I will wait to watch you die
Wait for all the worms to crawl by
Into your flesh and frightened dying tones
Eat the hands that touched my lovely bones.

I am relentless
My mind reeks of your mange
Your sweaty touch hangs on to my rage
Your despicable mouth and one-hundred-fifty pounds
Upon my mind, my soul, my body’s howling sounds.

I am relentless
I can’t wait to stand laughing by
Stand and watch you pleading as you die
The worms I send will return to infest me
Like you once did, but I’ll live, naturally.

This poem will forever be work in progress. Thank you, Alice Sebold.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Friday, September 02, 2005

not copyright infringement, just loooooove.

an excerpt. from the first of his that i read.
and was hooked, lined and sinkered. erm, yes.

by Terry Pratchett

Chapter One

The wind howled. The storm crackled on the mountains. Lightning prodded the crags like an old man trying to get an elusive blackberry pip out of his false teeth.

Among the hissing furze bushes a fire blazed, the flames driven this way and that by the gusts.

An eldritch voice shrieked: "When shall again?"

Thunder rolled.

A rather more ordinary voice said: "What'd you go and shout that for? You made me drop my toast in the fire."

Nanny Ogg sat down again.

"Sorry, Esme. I was just doing it know...old time's sake...Doesn't roll off the tongue, though."

"I'd just got it nice and brown, too."


"Anyway, you didn't have to shout."


"I mean, I ain't deaf. You could've just asked me in a normal voice. And I'd have said, 'Next Wednesday.'"

"Sorry, Esme."

"Just you cut me another slice."

Nanny Ogg nodded, and turned her head. "Magrat, cut Granny ano...oh. Mind wandering there for a minute. I'll do it myself, shall I?"

"Hah!" said Granny Weatherwax, staring into the fire.

There was no sound for a while but the roar of the wind and the sound of Nanny Ogg cutting bread, which she did with about as much efficiency as a man trying to chainsaw a mattress.

"I thought it'd cheer you up, coming up here," she said after a while.

"Really." It wasn't a question.

"Take you out of yourself, sort of thing..." Nanny went on, watching her friend carefully.

"Mm?" said Granny, still staring moodily at the fire.

Oh dear, thought Nanny. I shouldn't've said that.


Paul, thou art beside thyself;
much learning doth make thee mad.

Bible: New Testament.
Festus, the Roman Procurator, in Acts 26:24.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005


just see what writes.. just and only see.

"Sergant Colon was a picture of misery drawn on a lumpy pavement in a bad crayon on a wet day."

you mad mad mad man.

Monday, August 29, 2005

*does ancient kashmiri tribal jig*

Friday, August 26, 2005


not this! not ferrari.
pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeez. kimiiiiiii!
first alonso, now kimi...ugh. no. scuderia be damned.
[fading...] noooo....

ps: all exclamation marks are completely understandable.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

of small worlds

found out Ruth [from work] was a junior at cottons. except that we were never in the same campus together. jus that she knows people i know. like bones, varsh, smreetei, chy and other things.
also, scarily enough, she is related to victoria and nancy!

ruth is just now telling me of the famous-fish-face of a smreetei.

jest only...

one is thinking that one should write another shwort story for the chy.
it's all forming in my head but the practical difficulties one faces in actually putting pen to paper are maddening. mins, how to take that first scwary steps? or rather, when.

i usually have unbelievable 'write cravings' circa 0200 hrs,just when i'm about to drop off to sleep. when the temple known as my body [yahahaha!!! what a phrase] refuses to assist the crazy brain in overdrive. highly annoying.

Monday, August 22, 2005

welcome back, boo!

and many much thwanxxes for the fretty presents all in a row.
i'm beginning to vicariously enjoy my freinds' holidays like you won't believe. hyaahahaah.
am jest now only already wearing 2 of the junkiest anklets ever. in colors that boggle the mind. stunning.
once again, thanxx use.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

a funny chandrasekaran

some people are so funny. and i mean humorous. that's a good thing.
i happen to like smiling.
so i expand my blog to include smile-inducers.

most links, courtesy boomsa.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

This is where I be

Yeah Yeah Yeah!!
not by usher.
this is day 1 at new job. am liking immensely. that is to say, we're in training, and i'm learning things that i will eventually be doing and which will ultimately reach a real-life individual somewhere in the world. i gather i'm going to be enhancing the audio-visual experience of t.v and film viewers.. yahahahhahahah.
what a funs.


Saturday, August 13, 2005

to the lovely ladies.....

must be said exactly as the magical dave matthews says it, or else, the phrase loses its mass appeal.

i am very happy and i'm smiling, and i will walk miles to drink water. provided it's going to be with my crazy,lovely, gorgeous friends.
had a wonderful yesterday. got the job i was itching for, and which had let me hang in anticipation for a bright and cheerful 3 weeks. aaarrgghh. the lovely ladies know all about the angst.

thunn. afterwards, when i was trying to wipe grins of my mug, i met up with boomsa. she was in the grandest mood. she was stunning in saffron. mins, shiuw-sena types.. bad mouthing mussslims like me.
we had larfs over that, in addition to everything else.
she made me realise that i would never be able to say 'psyched buggggers' like she can. or do assorted crazy things that are unique to her face. she was a brilliant.

thunnn. crazy chris waltzed in with his angel jerusha. the hair was only the start of magic in her. she was a package deal of GREAT. also finally saw kavya, chris's wife, in real life. i mean apart from at their wedding. she's lovely.

[boo left for a mumbai today. have funs.]

thunn. rode like speedy gonzalves, god bless his soul, to shro's folks' maney, so i could shware more of my joy.. took pastries and things for thems. deedan loves it. aloka was very sweet to me, with a hug. plus futher expansion plans for Saboka's. also, she has a brilliant 10-year plan for me! pinaki looked on beningly, and smiled beatifically.

that was yesterday.

today i spent almost in entirety with the madness called laura. we talked and talked and talked and yes, it was very nice. all these chicks i hang out with constantly remind me that i did a good things by coming here, rather than wander out to discover the new world. note to self: old is gold.

recommend coffee world to all people in and around koramangala. go there!
mins, thats it. bwaai.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

exitez vous?

to my new legion of fans.
stay out of my blog, please. you never were part of it till recently, and i find this new interest in it very weird. it is my space, and the space of people i like.

in the same vein, please stay out of my life.
let's finish things once and for all.
it'll only get ugh-lier here on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

it has been a very long.
in fact, it has been a lifetime and then some.

from the date of my lastest blog, to today, upheavals of an interesting sort have happened in the life of my life. mins like to say, i have jumped tracks and have started a whole new innings.

to cut out the mumbo and also the jumbo, and to call a dog a dog [only boomsa and shro would get this, and half of them don't even read my blog!] i have walked head up
high and with rigid spine, self respect intact etc. out of the ugliest 6 months of my entire existence. i speak of my marriage with an Ugh.

i have washed my hands clean of the muck of sort i had only read about. i have no qualms [pronounced kvams in eclectic circles such as ours]in saying that i only have deep, dark and very ugly thoughts and wishes for the Above Accursed. much and many more ill-wills towards slime-thing. i gladly dedicate a tiny bit of boo's masterpiece to yet another deserving candidate. gawd! like, how many are there? [chew gum chew gum.]

here we go: to a K [for komplexed]
@#$%$$!! #$%$%#@ @$#$@@$."
[boo's poem had to be altered with on account of some folks not being able to stomach it.]

thanks, my boo, for everything and then some.
thanks, my shro. for the same.

i am now going to do, as a love-dedication and also as a garish display of my affection for my little girls who are my sapota-chik(oo)s, a song-and-dance-routine of the profoundest masterpiece, released circa Aug 1996, or early 1997, by a Donna Summer.
in pinks she was!

'i love you
always forever
near or far
closer together
i will be with you
i will do for you.....'

barked in pretty staccato verses.. yaaahahahahahahha...
it's a mad mad world.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

i turned 23 the other day. quietly, smoothly, and as expected.

dave matthews was an amusing hottie when i first heard:
"23, and so tired of life
such a shame to throw it all away."

i see things very differently today.
i am wise...*bwuhahahhahahahahaaa!!!@!!!!*

the week ahead

i'm going home this sunday. for a month or more...
this is the beginning of a very, very important piece of my life-pie. i'm mostly lost for words on this one. and i'm mostly telling this to my boomsas, flabyy-das, zubins, lauras, shros,chys and other important personalities. mins like, the close-to-my-heart-clique.

it'll be a while till my next blog. jammu is famous for being non-conducive to instant connectivity. of the internet kind.

buh bye. maa'-as-salaam. *POOF!*

Sunday, May 15, 2005


I finally submit to the superiority of machine over man. at least this computer, over me.
I am as nothing compared to the incredible genius of html-savvy folks... seeing as my sweet little idea of putting up pictures of this and that has wreaked havoc on how the text on my blog looked, i have taken the easier way out... i have created a whole new blog just for pics and descriptions of them.
on your right, ladies and gentlemen, as a link.

i am now going to bed, to curl up under my comforter [funny name, that] and dream horrible dreams of defeat and ridicule at the hands of Computer Languages.
buh bye.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

hullo.. where are my links..?
and archives?
and other things that in a perfect world i would find on the right-hand side of my blog?
[damn you, forget about pictures on the blog.. just leave it be..]

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

day-time temperatures have moved in and smoothly settled at the 42 degrees Celsius mark.
we have made a habit of getting out of the house for extreme outdoor shopping at noon everyday.
i have lost my sunglasses.
and my sun-block cream.
i am doing absolutely nothing to rectify the above situish.
I am such a LOSERRRRRRRRRR...... bwuhahahhahahaaha.

[please. no snide remarks about the sun affecting me. as if i can't see that clearly.]

and i am turning into a prune.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

i have just about had it. really.. 3 plus hours spent staring at the monitor, following instructions like a well-trained circus orangutan.. download this, fill in these details.. all your photos up on your blog before you can say whatchamacallit and similar crapstuff. Posted by Hello

to a jugular bean

first off, gezhundeit! for every phlegm-filled sneeze you execute..

secondly, as to aunt-nephew relations in the mid-east, there are various opinions on the subject.
from a technical viewpoint, i would be entitled to any sort of mischief with said nephew, seeing as the toddler is not the offspring of my immediate brother or sister..also, the factoid of huge-age-gap-female-elder-than-male-blah-blah is a non-issue.
however, 2 huge prohibitory situations exist:
a] i am muchly married.
b] he is but an infant.. paedophilia is [rightly] punishable with all sorts of horrific, err.. punishments. hopefully stoning, lashing and public exceution. [some would say i have strong feelings on this subject].

very glad to have made your acquaintance..any further enquiries on above subject, or others, can be sent ahead without batting eyelids.ta.


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

a world turning ugly

a teenager was very, very rude to her mother yesterday. i happened to be sitting right there, plum in between the two.

at any moment things could have turned ugly with me lashing out in a perfectly arched backhand at said rude teenager. not that it was my place to be hitting out at what i considered highly inappropriate and mind-numbingly dsturbing behaviour. but still you know. one feels like it.

in retrospect, the delinquent wasn't even entirely to blame. the mother had put in years and years of seriously spoiling rotten her offspring into a lazy, irresponsible, prejudiced, demanding and, ultimately, pretty non-likeable sort of a person. add a mistimed [though reasonable] question from the mother figure, and you see spwarks. instant conflagration. mins, conflict. rude back-and-forths. unberlievable audacity.

why i found all of this profoundly disturbing was because i was 'putting myself in the other person's shoes'. you see, i have been through adoloscence myself. it wasn't pretty for my mama, but i can tell you this. i wouldn't have got through a fraction of what went on in the above-mentioned episode without finding myself thrown out on my bottom all alone in the cold dark streets, cut off from my parents' estate and cetera. no, i'll take it one step further. i don't think it at all likely that i could have even dreamed up the balls to insult my parents in a manner close to what i witnessed. very spine-chilling.

even more spine-chilling... within a quarter of an hour after this friendly banter between the two had concluded, the mother meekly extended the olive branch to the apple of her eye..

just so that there would be no hard feelings in the perfect mom-daughter bonding movie-picture.
you know, the rose-hued one. with the soft OST and pink bubbles? yes, that one.

so, yesterday for a good bit i was thinking that the world had turned ugh-ly.

Monday, April 25, 2005

i went soooooo off-track on my last blog.
it was supposed to be a 'bitter, spleen-venting diatribe' on the horrors of modern day telivision. yuk, and don't get me started etc.

instead, the nephew led me sweetly astray- to a much happier place.
very handy to have one of these around. they could almost make one a better person.

oh, here he comes again. this soppy love-story is a bit much. i'll save you the gory details and go snuggle up with him now. ta.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

so it's been almost a month of inactivity on the blogfront. highly incapacitated due to absence of any functional computer in the vicinity [meaning my house], i had to resort to ..ugh.. extended hours of tv viewing to kill Time and His buddies- Restlessness and Ennui.

after enduring through a month of highly banal-cringe-and-you-miss-it programs on cable, the whoops of joy i let out on sighting the old monitor back where it belonged, adjacent to another favorite haunt of mine, the dining table, are understandable. one could almost say my cup ranneth over.. and that i sponged around and under my cup hoping for it to runneth over again and again without any misgivings as to the extra housework involved. hah. what a wonderful world.

so anyway, this gives third party observers an interesting insight into my universe. it says to them, oh. if this is the sort of thing that amounts to a high point in her life, the poor girl needs a new one.
me, being very blase about the whole thing of course, can cock a snook at them.. in spite of not knowing what the hell that expression means, i will very well cock a snook at them, esp because it sounds like the right kind of thing to do under the circs. highly satisfying phrase that. and to think i thought i'd never actually use it in a real sentence. [i probably won't when i'm speaking, but this is close enough].

on a level much closer to my heart than computers [you don't say?], my nephew [being the sole hot-looking stud-muffin under 3 feet in the middle east region] is developing beautifully.. it's a swoony feeling whenever he starts doing something for the first time in his life, or for that matter, any of our lives. him doing it that is.
like when he took his first fumbling steps, and only i was around.
when he first made noises that actually meant something real, like BUH.. for bird.
when him and i play a special game that only the both of us understand, and the rest of the world is switched off for all we care.
when he learns new tricks and shows off for us, and gives the most heart-wrenching cheeky grin in the world of imps that ever was..
and a hundred million things that would bore the hell out of everyone who hasn't had the fortune to see him live [laaeev].. but that leave me ready to burst with the joy of it all.

all in all, the last month wasn't too bad.. in retrospect.

Friday, April 22, 2005

am back from the dead..


Friday, March 25, 2005

playing 123.5

saw this 'funtime-activity' on a blog-link off simplesimon's page.. soleil, i think.
so just for fun..

page 123, line 5 from the book nearest my computer..

The Heart of a Goof- P.G.Wodehouse

"Golf had no surprises for them, no gallant spirit of adventure."

aah, heck.
the temptation with wodehouse is to also put down the previous and succeeding 20 lines... how is a random line from a random page going to make clear to anyone, the mastery of the man that was wodehouse..
now i'm cheesed off.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

today was allllllll about hanif.. that means you, boomsa, but it actually means... the cutest behemoth ever to hit our screens and various playing fields across the world .

many sighs i sighed for him today.. i also admit being smitten by the dashing younis khan..

india had the pakis in some heavy soup early this morning. but in sauntered a khan, and then lumbered up the Haq. . and then that was that.
tee hee.

Monday, March 21, 2005

have just been and visited simplesimon's random ruminations .. have found it lovely reading.. have added to links.. and although simple simon is not a person i know i know, that is where the link will go..

thanks you, boomsa.. mins, another niceness from your end to mine. *silly grin thing*

Sunday, March 20, 2005

watched 'hitch'... [mindless adoloscence crush on will smith is back. hubba hubba.]

watched 'farenheit 9/11'.. nothing too special.. already knew and appreciated what creeps bush and his cronies were.. this movie just added some particulars. also had some disturbing graphics from the iraq invasion. ugh really. and bush DOES look like a simian, with due respect to those creatures.

watched 'page 3'.. nice, nice. loved sandhya mridul, as always. konkona sen was hmmm.

match 2.. india wins!

dear el topple..
the wall stood tall again.. and again.. meaning 2 swell centuries, one in each innings. briliant to watch. yaay. very happy for your happy blushes.

next game.... BANGALORE!!!!!
who's going? who? who?
or rather, who isn't..?

in any case, i'm going to be watching, so if any of you do plan to go, wear distinctive clothing and a hold up cheesy and/or crazy banners.
oh yes, and also let me know in advance so i keep my eyes well-peeled for the likes of you's.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

2 nice bumper stickers i saw here and there.

Confucious say "Man who stands on toilet is high on pot."
"As a matter of fact, my father does own the road..."
movies i want to watch and haven't yet. some of these are still running, so shame on me:

1] finding neverland
2] eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
3] million dollar baby
4] hitch
5] the final cut
6] farenheit 9/11
7] spongebob squarepants
8] being john malkovich
9] page 3
10]exorcist- the beginning [just and only because i liked the original one, ok?]
12]one flew over the cuckoo's nest [!! yes, yes, i know.]
13]the shining [hullo again, mr nicholson]
14]finding nemo
15]shark tale
16]gods and monsters
17]in the bedroom
19]chokher bali [in bengali, with english subtitles pls]
20]khaamosh paani
and so on and so forth..

i have however, watched sideways and closer.
very funny movie, the latter. very. and i don't mean funny as in humorous.
am going to illegally download and watch more.


my old school!!

how sweet.. i found this yussturday..
very lovely predictable cheesy verbose thingmajig.
click title.. yeaaaayyyyyyy!!

Saturday, March 12, 2005

match summary

Test 1 was, thankfully, easy on the appetite..
no matter who you were cheering for..
because it was a good match. period.
very well played, pakis. good job sticking it out for an unbelievable amount of time. 7th wicket partnership in gold letters and for posterity. *many pats on shoulder to young kamran akmal. usual swoony grins for razzaq*.
nothing need be said about the indian batting. splendidly done. mr sehwag- special mention.
the wall- swoony grin for you as well. [el topple is doubtless thrilled].
the bowling however, ermm. not going there.

in a word, nicest match. all are well primed for the next.
to end on the appetite note, as begun, it's whetted.
see you, eden gardens.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

rain since the morning..
no play so far..
no pores, no sixes.. and no wickets.
harrumph. [have always wanted to use this expression and only today have found the appropriate circs.]
a potato

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


erm... i don't know how to create a links section..
*cringe cringe*
but anyway, this is one of my favorite blogspots to loaf around in.

day 1

commenced 0825 hrs..
grandpater was up [how kyoot!] and about from the 1st ball bowled.
i joined shamefacedly an hour later..
to summarise: pakis-312 all out, at the end of day's play.
will wait and watch with bated breath on the morrow.

half the family is with india, the rest with pakistan.. i'm secretly planning on dressing up the nephew as inzy.. hanif, u must be glad.
although the nephew's parents are strongly and staunchly siding with an india.
*hyuk hyuk hyahahaa..*

Monday, March 07, 2005

mark mark mark..

pls to see:

and so on for aye..
thats been the state of things since i went concerting at the dubai media city ampitheatre.. beauteous night of march the 3rd.. gorgeousness weathers.
and mr mark knopfler..
on the dot, at 9:00 pm as promised in the promos..
in white shirt and blue jeans-pents.
with nice sensible and sexy spectacles..
a 55 yr old hubba hubba.
and then he started singing. to me. only mins only for me.
crooning more like.
warbling, serenading and things.
it was a love happening.

[fully appreciate the appreciative crowd alongside me.. 10,000 strong it turns out, which is a very very big deal in dubai]. i thought there were only about 10,000 people in totum.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

about a movie

called sideways..
prettiness throughout..
including the silliness of jack-ass.
and what a soundtracks..
and what lovely things about wine..
and my best scene in the movie:
when the foursome head home after first date..
miles and maya out on the porch.. and the whole wine-conversation, esp maya's bit.
very amazingly good.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

have just been and remembered shakti... am insanely muddled up for the anon, as will be explained.. the show itself was a very beauteous.. it mysteriously coincided with what-should-be vasantahabba in bangalore. at least i think so, it being the first saturday of february. shall confirm with a boomsa.

as expected, it was a stunner.. as not fully expected, it was cold as dammit.. thank god for my semi-pashmina.. i wrapped the self up meticulously, allowing third parties the luxury of assuming that i was a cocoon. scoff. if third parties are more interested in larvae housing than a show of such mindblowing genius, who's loss is it i ask you?

as soon as the artists appeared and began taking their positions on stage, my insides started to upheave [yes, they did. and yes, i can make unverby words verbs if i so feel like it].

i remembered a hundred thousand moments, all from my yesterdays in bangalore with old-friends-bookends.. sharing a mutual something in a glance. and smiling. understanding a silence. laughing at the same inanities. feeling wrath at trashpeople one eventually comes upon in a crowd.. or not...falling freely into the music. very happily. wholly.
and many things.
i have been spoilt for life in bangalore. i won't ever be able to go through a concert again without feeling 'it would have been so much better back there'...

so anyway, when the show started and the maestros ran into the intro, the self started sobbing.. at the beauty of it, and also at the sadness of it.. hot tears down cold cheeks.
and the show went on and made me feel better and worse.
*much love to my boomsa*always always* in ways that you will never understand*

zakir hussain is hot stuff. not just his performance tonight, but his kyoot onstage presence. very lovable-laughable. loved him fully. his troupe/co-performers all took me back to the good old days: selva ganesh, vikku vinayakram, mandolin srinivas, shankar mahadevan,a.k. palanivel and taufiq qureishi [his youngest brother, didn't you know]. plus john mclaughlin, a jazz guitarist. divine things were happening. they were all talking to each other with their music.. and almost entirely jamming . i think there were two old numbers, but all the rest were spontaneous pieces. oh, and the sweetest thing happened. in the middle of their frenzied conversation on the tablas, mridangams, mandolins, guitars, drums and things, someone went a bit awry and they all screeched to an awkward halt and then burst out laughing..
very heart warming..

i could go on, but really, i don't need to.
plus im very drained tonight.
plus do i really need to make excuses to a computer screen..

Saturday, February 05, 2005

mark my words...

ahemmm.. i could be dreaming. just mayhap..

full and unabridged

oh me, oh my..!
lookee what i found.
[click on title as always]

Friday, February 04, 2005

feel very bad inside my insides

turns out i didn't go for jethro tull. even though i hate myself muchly for the same, and even though i really couldn't do anything about it. [*mhein khya kharti, thum mheri mhajbhoori khyon nahin samhajhte... gag..bawl..*]..
extra aiches are for added effect, and emotional hindi dialogues require that they be used.

the point is, longblackveil is now married.. other things take preference in life.. like soddy wedding receptions, air-kissing and meeting the aunties' circuit. preference over:
1]the international jazz festival 2005
2] jethro tull in concert
3] 'the graduate'- a play
4] and many-more-other-such-like-thingses

anyway, theres a silver lining...
and this time, peoples, I YAM GOING.

i have the tickets to prove it. yay.
tomorrow it is.
hope all the rest of u lucky toads enjvaai a sting.
i want to know all.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

attended an arabic wedding last night- our neighbor mariam's family. my first. here's how it went..

sup-rate entrance for mens people and ladies people. i mean totally supprate..
aunt and me went as reps of the girls in our family. as soon as we walked in through strange revolving doors, all signs of male life form ceased.. [it was a beautiful.. things looked much prettier at once *bwuhahahah*].
we tailed about a hundred arab ladies [all in their uniform black abayas] through to the ballroom entrance. i was thinking, hah, this party's going to be fun, everyone will look the same.
up an elevator, which we shared with 2 other arab ladies peoples. party on 2nd floor. as soon as the elevator left the ground, mysterious behaviour ensued on the part of aforementioned arab ladies. swiftly, but surely, they started peeling off layers of clothing.. meaning the abaya business went phut.. what emerged from underneath it all was a gasp-inducing display of stinkily expensive designer ball gowns and things of that genre.. not to mention hairdos and makeup to blow one away.. and this was just the 2 of thems!
the lift reaches 2nd floor.. can hear loud dancy arabic musics..
doors slide open... senses all are hit by very loud music, very strong but beautiful 'itrs' [non-alcoholic, used all across arabia- perfume] and very very intimidatingly beautiful ladies in the fanciest-shmanciest evening wear possible..
row upon row of pretty young things, and pretty not so young things, right from the entrance.. was welcomed in by our neighbor, whom i did a double take at, seeing her for the first time without her abaya.. she was wearing a very clingy choco brown dress with a fishtail thingy, lots of jewellery and more stunning makeup than i thought possible.. then the introductions began.
in very broken arabic we were introduced to young ladies who said 'salaam alaikum, hullo, i mariam's sister's friend.. err.. zat ezzz her nephew, yes?' of course i said yes! it made complete sense.
was mouth agape [in my mind] for at least a half hour.. sleeveless, backless, strap-less, cleavage-revealing dresses on arabs was a revelation to me. and nothing crass or garish. very classy stuff going on. hair and makeup that i thought possible only in movies and advertisements . arab ladies are stunners anyway, even when we can only see their mugs. one can only imagine why men are not allowed in the vicinity..
was thinking about how they were partying wildly with the waiters and photographers around.. then, noticed that all the waiters were actually waitresses, even the photographers were ladies and that there was not a single male human onthe entire floor.. 'serviced by lasses' is apparently the motto of all arab ladies' gatherings. very smart work. great security system in place.

lemme describe the proceedings. big ballroom was divided into 2 equal sections by the aisle down the middle. round tables on either side, where we, the guests, were sitting. stage right at the front.
every so often, young girls either in pairs or by themselves, would do a dainty feminine sway-walk to the music playing, all the way down the aisle. and smile at one another and say things as they passed, and keep going. turns out, all the young things do this at weddings, so the older ladies spot prospective brides for their sons etc.. a very organised sort of matchmaking platform.. i found it most interesting.

the bride finally arrived in a gorgeous ivory-cream wedding gown.. miles of lace, tissue and flower bouquets.. took her fifteen minutes to reach the stage because every few steps she had to stop and turn this way and that so that everyone got a good look at her clothes and her.. [thats the way its done].

food to die for, desserts and fruit in abundance, and the clincher was... patchi chocolates at the end!!!! yeahh.. shamelessly bagged about half a dozen, and made our grand exit..
all in all a very bizarre but happy insight into the private lifestyles of the rich and not famous arab society..
am thinking that these girl-bashes are quite prominent in arabia because, in retrspect, most of the shoppers at the big stores in the malls are arabs. used to be flummoxed when i saw them buying scandalous western wear, but last nigth has made all crystal. apparently, they know how to have their funs.
has definitely made me stop feeling bad about the seemingly bland lives of arabs.. am thoroughly certain that them folks have as much fun as we do, if not more..

that was yesterday..
tomorrow, hwere i cwome....!!!!@!!~
*exits with flourish*

Monday, January 31, 2005

could it be?

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! [click on title, i say]

ps: readers must be amused by high standard of the usage of english as a first language.
simbly must.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

going cold turkey

or at least, going to a cold turkey..
thats the plan anyway.
me hubby and i leave for a special eid-trip to turkey, 4 nights, 5 days of prettiness and culture..
love everything about the region, and it's winter to boot, so should be more smashing..

will tell you all, will splash pics across net, will leave nothing to any imagination.. in short, will be walking-talking infomercial-brochure about the bosphorus and its neighborhood...
watch this space.

or in the meanwhile, watch this one:

Thursday, January 13, 2005


got my new phone today.

motorola E 398... have stayed loyal to a brand. does that not say wonderful things about the kind of dependable person i am? wah wah.
have a look see.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

the estrangement

parents left,
usman and wafa are gone.
saba is crushed.

Friday, January 07, 2005

about a desert

went sand-duning yesterday...
was a gorgeous.

we were up and about and ready in our jeans-pents and chappals by 12 noon... arranged sandwiches, pepsis, seven-ups, diet sodas and lassis, picked up 2 family buckets at the kfc drive thru and left for hatta...

let me mention the crux of this whole sudden dune-bashing spreeeee-wheee! it is known as a frind of khawar-khurram's called mr samee muazzim..
he be's a millionaire types.. he owns 3 of his own dune buggies.. he's a pro with them and he knows the desert well. hence, we milked his human kindness and bonhomie for all it was worth.

he was here in a huge gleaming black Hummer, with a 3x trolley for his buggies. we were pleased as punch to be in the same neighborhood as them gorgeous machines.. imagine the glee when we got to sit in the hummer... yeah!!! [ plus, ayaan the sweetest was alongside this writer].

we reached the base camp A on schedule.. deflated tyres for all 4-wheel drives: 2 toyota landcruisers, one merc G55 ... left the Hummer at Point A, and samee, khumu, and khawu took over the buggies...
vrrroooooooooooooomm... i shall not attempt to describe the wondrousnesses of the buggies as they were revved up.. very goose-pimples.

up and over the dunes in the jeeps.. 3 musketeers doing stunts on buggies.. finally reached a beautiful dune-top.. decided to set shop there. and we did..
it was the brilliants..
got quick-fire lessons on dune-buggy riding..
all of us had a go.. what a funs!!! what a many funs!!
will put up pics soonest..
have to run now..
like really
maybe later..

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

eating too bloody much

and the consequences are appallingly apparent...

read as, expanding waistline and strange sitch-way-shuns in the gastric region.. urp..
thats what comes of being newly wed, and having a huge social circle to go around in, air kissing all the while..

every night its the same deal.. huge spread of salads, meats, more meats and erm.. meats.
then a special selection of dessert do's...
very hard for a foodie like me to say no to.. but after a week of the high life, it really got to be too much.

today was a special on my list of 'top ten cringe days'... it was my aunt's KITTY PARTY meet. and all the ladies and girls of every house in the 'circle' had to go.. it was everything i had dreaded growing up... my cup runneth over with the opulence and nonsense i was privy to..
air-kissing and grinning stupidly i have gradually grown accustomed to. it was the same ol' same ol' growing up, so i was sort of resigned to this fad years ago..
but then it was all the cream of indo-paki society in dubai - the 'aunties', the wives and daughters and duaghters-in-law of the elite here.. the inanities that have passed these mine ears this morning are a bit much to record here. no wait, why not??...

'oooooohhh.. what a lovely kurta, is it by blah-blah-blah designer?'..'....' aiiiiiii, when did u change ur hair?'...
' screeeeech! is that a bvlgari???'...
and on and on ad nauseum..

pathetic and then downhill therefrom.

i was given many pretentious presents to welcome me to the club ..*shudder*... from various ladies whose names i don't really care to remember. also got a lot of accented 'how are you's?' and 'lovely to meet you's' from the younger girls at the do, who were all the while giving me the once-over through their very bizarre pret costumes and million dollar sunglasses..

did i mention this was a late-ish brunch, coupled with a cocktail lounge, all arranged very lah-dee-dah, outdoors, at one of the aunty's villas here? hmm.

in a word, it was a do where i was constantly cringing inwardly at the thought of what the hell i was doing.. constant craving to get back home and wipe the polite grin off my mug.
infuriating as hell.

also, when my aunt asked me if i had had fun, i tolds her no straight away and she was pretty curious as to why.. couldn't very well tell her that this was the sort of thing i hated being part of.. "i mean, don't take this personally, pupho, but..."!!! hehehehe.

so anyway.. that was the morning-afternoon..
then had a great time at home with old family friends.. sana from way back, natasha, mai, wafa and little munster, ayaan the gorgeousest and me- we hit mcdonalds for lifesaving snacks,then hit the beach for a stroll, and had a grand time of it all..

watched oceans twelve later at night and did it suck.

dont watch it. unless ur getting free tickets and havent sen brad pitt in a while.

g'night. tis very lates.

Monday, January 03, 2005

happy newer?

or something..

seems a tad ridiculous to be celebrating anything at all, with the immense incomprehensibility of this past week or ten days..

moving on from there, kindly take out all the unbelievable extra stuff we inevitably accumulate at home, in our wardrobes and generally, around the house. pack them in cartons or boxes and send away send away send away where they're needed. please.

if you've forgotten why you should, switch on to any news channel.
also, if you've forgotten why, you're not really worth anything at all, but send aways anyway.