Wednesday, March 16, 2005

movies i want to watch and haven't yet. some of these are still running, so shame on me:

1] finding neverland
2] eternal sunshine of the spotless mind
3] million dollar baby
4] hitch
5] the final cut
6] farenheit 9/11
7] spongebob squarepants
8] being john malkovich
9] page 3
10]exorcist- the beginning [just and only because i liked the original one, ok?]
12]one flew over the cuckoo's nest [!! yes, yes, i know.]
13]the shining [hullo again, mr nicholson]
14]finding nemo
15]shark tale
16]gods and monsters
17]in the bedroom
19]chokher bali [in bengali, with english subtitles pls]
20]khaamosh paani
and so on and so forth..

i have however, watched sideways and closer.
very funny movie, the latter. very. and i don't mean funny as in humorous.
am going to illegally download and watch more.



Boomken said...

spare yourself, skip hitch. coming from someone who likes silly and/or mushy movies. truth be told. yes.

longblackveil said...

wha...?? u said to skip hitch??? whaa...?