Wednesday, July 27, 2005

exitez vous?

to my new legion of fans.
stay out of my blog, please. you never were part of it till recently, and i find this new interest in it very weird. it is my space, and the space of people i like.

in the same vein, please stay out of my life.
let's finish things once and for all.
it'll only get ugh-lier here on.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

it has been a very long.
in fact, it has been a lifetime and then some.

from the date of my lastest blog, to today, upheavals of an interesting sort have happened in the life of my life. mins like to say, i have jumped tracks and have started a whole new innings.

to cut out the mumbo and also the jumbo, and to call a dog a dog [only boomsa and shro would get this, and half of them don't even read my blog!] i have walked head up
high and with rigid spine, self respect intact etc. out of the ugliest 6 months of my entire existence. i speak of my marriage with an Ugh.

i have washed my hands clean of the muck of sort i had only read about. i have no qualms [pronounced kvams in eclectic circles such as ours]in saying that i only have deep, dark and very ugly thoughts and wishes for the Above Accursed. much and many more ill-wills towards slime-thing. i gladly dedicate a tiny bit of boo's masterpiece to yet another deserving candidate. gawd! like, how many are there? [chew gum chew gum.]

here we go: to a K [for komplexed]
@#$%$$!! #$%$%#@ @$#$@@$."
[boo's poem had to be altered with on account of some folks not being able to stomach it.]

thanks, my boo, for everything and then some.
thanks, my shro. for the same.

i am now going to do, as a love-dedication and also as a garish display of my affection for my little girls who are my sapota-chik(oo)s, a song-and-dance-routine of the profoundest masterpiece, released circa Aug 1996, or early 1997, by a Donna Summer.
in pinks she was!

'i love you
always forever
near or far
closer together
i will be with you
i will do for you.....'

barked in pretty staccato verses.. yaaahahahahahahha...
it's a mad mad world.