Wednesday, July 27, 2005

exitez vous?

to my new legion of fans.
stay out of my blog, please. you never were part of it till recently, and i find this new interest in it very weird. it is my space, and the space of people i like.

in the same vein, please stay out of my life.
let's finish things once and for all.
it'll only get ugh-lier here on.


Boomsa Happy said...

Hello? What happened hereabouts? Who said what?

lurchytopple said...

same question from the sibling too. sorry if i said thing u did not like. apoligisiesesies.

longblackveil said...

surely you jest, lurch! surely..
why the apoligisiesesies...?? not-tuh-tall.. i was thoroughly in agreement with your veiws on said blighter.. warmed the chortles of my heart to see your incisive, insightful and vundrefullz take on the whole thingamajigs. it was an accuracy!
much loves.