Monday, January 09, 2006

New blog

After many important, interesting and infinitely busy days, here I am, back at the blogging mill. Hello, Sir Vaibhav.
Or as Pinaki The Kyoot pronounces it: Boibhabh.
Pinaki is Bengali [Ah!].
Many thanks for reminding me that I should get back to it.

Had the most outstandingly debauch day yetserday. 'Twas a Sunday, and for the first time in my new digs, I slept in late. Or relatively late, at 0930-10ish. Had interesting breakfast [have I mentioned I love cooking?] and then lazed around beauteously.
Sunday, being my Fun day, I folded sleeves [mine] and started on house-cleaning activities. [Say, did I mention I love house-cleaning?]
When house was rendered spick and also span, I moved the entity that is known as me to the bathroom. Also spruced up that mother.
From there on, it was all therapeutic bathing rituals. Had long, long, luxurious type of bath. Sans bathtub, but it was long and luxurious nevertheless. I have recently acquired interesting scented bath-soap from Fabindia. Had much fun with it.
Also have Palmolive Aromatherapy Shower Gel. By the end of it all had to open bathroom windows to allow for easy breathing.

Wrapped in my huge bath-towel, was traipsing around the apartment, till I realised [once more, yet again] that my hall curtains stood at a respectable distance from each other, thereby providing the Outsides with a wonderful view of the Insides. Thank the Lordy I couldn't make out any human forms with binoculars or telephoto camera lens. Although a couple of lecherous crows were hanging about looking shady.
I don't think they matter in the large scheme of things.

Once I gathered my wounded honour, thinking in my head to the imagined voyeurs: Kya tumhare ghar mein maan-behen nahin hai?, I finally put on comfy PJ's and headed for the kitchen. Made lip-smacking something and all for me.
Lounged about, read papers, put on musical items on... OOOH! I haven't mentioned it: I have acquired byootious Creative MuVo Slim Player from kind family members. Have a look-see.

Met up with Boomsa and the Elder Chandrasekaran, and whoo-hoo! old acquaintance from school era at a Daily affair. The Ostrich perched with us after a bit. Ate muchly and more. And yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Jai Boomsa. It is having grand, lovely, heartwarming newses. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyy.

Then. Aameley.
Rushed back home to prettify my face for impending Dinner at college-era-frundship's house. Coorg deal. Very sweet parents, very nice to see the Coorg after so long, very nice time had by all and fabulous dinner items.
Stuffed to the gills, and Tits dropped me home sweet home after.

Highlight of evening. On spur of moment, Tits and me bought the Coorg a dil-shaped balloon with "I Love You" written on it, from traffic junction en route to her place. Much funs it was.

I am tired. You must be too.
This ends my weekend update.