Wednesday, January 05, 2005

eating too bloody much

and the consequences are appallingly apparent...

read as, expanding waistline and strange sitch-way-shuns in the gastric region.. urp..
thats what comes of being newly wed, and having a huge social circle to go around in, air kissing all the while..

every night its the same deal.. huge spread of salads, meats, more meats and erm.. meats.
then a special selection of dessert do's...
very hard for a foodie like me to say no to.. but after a week of the high life, it really got to be too much.

today was a special on my list of 'top ten cringe days'... it was my aunt's KITTY PARTY meet. and all the ladies and girls of every house in the 'circle' had to go.. it was everything i had dreaded growing up... my cup runneth over with the opulence and nonsense i was privy to..
air-kissing and grinning stupidly i have gradually grown accustomed to. it was the same ol' same ol' growing up, so i was sort of resigned to this fad years ago..
but then it was all the cream of indo-paki society in dubai - the 'aunties', the wives and daughters and duaghters-in-law of the elite here.. the inanities that have passed these mine ears this morning are a bit much to record here. no wait, why not??...

'oooooohhh.. what a lovely kurta, is it by blah-blah-blah designer?'..'....' aiiiiiii, when did u change ur hair?'...
' screeeeech! is that a bvlgari???'...
and on and on ad nauseum..

pathetic and then downhill therefrom.

i was given many pretentious presents to welcome me to the club ..*shudder*... from various ladies whose names i don't really care to remember. also got a lot of accented 'how are you's?' and 'lovely to meet you's' from the younger girls at the do, who were all the while giving me the once-over through their very bizarre pret costumes and million dollar sunglasses..

did i mention this was a late-ish brunch, coupled with a cocktail lounge, all arranged very lah-dee-dah, outdoors, at one of the aunty's villas here? hmm.

in a word, it was a do where i was constantly cringing inwardly at the thought of what the hell i was doing.. constant craving to get back home and wipe the polite grin off my mug.
infuriating as hell.

also, when my aunt asked me if i had had fun, i tolds her no straight away and she was pretty curious as to why.. couldn't very well tell her that this was the sort of thing i hated being part of.. "i mean, don't take this personally, pupho, but..."!!! hehehehe.

so anyway.. that was the morning-afternoon..
then had a great time at home with old family friends.. sana from way back, natasha, mai, wafa and little munster, ayaan the gorgeousest and me- we hit mcdonalds for lifesaving snacks,then hit the beach for a stroll, and had a grand time of it all..

watched oceans twelve later at night and did it suck.

dont watch it. unless ur getting free tickets and havent sen brad pitt in a while.

g'night. tis very lates.

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