Friday, January 07, 2005

about a desert

went sand-duning yesterday...
was a gorgeous.

we were up and about and ready in our jeans-pents and chappals by 12 noon... arranged sandwiches, pepsis, seven-ups, diet sodas and lassis, picked up 2 family buckets at the kfc drive thru and left for hatta...

let me mention the crux of this whole sudden dune-bashing spreeeee-wheee! it is known as a frind of khawar-khurram's called mr samee muazzim..
he be's a millionaire types.. he owns 3 of his own dune buggies.. he's a pro with them and he knows the desert well. hence, we milked his human kindness and bonhomie for all it was worth.

he was here in a huge gleaming black Hummer, with a 3x trolley for his buggies. we were pleased as punch to be in the same neighborhood as them gorgeous machines.. imagine the glee when we got to sit in the hummer... yeah!!! [ plus, ayaan the sweetest was alongside this writer].

we reached the base camp A on schedule.. deflated tyres for all 4-wheel drives: 2 toyota landcruisers, one merc G55 ... left the Hummer at Point A, and samee, khumu, and khawu took over the buggies...
vrrroooooooooooooomm... i shall not attempt to describe the wondrousnesses of the buggies as they were revved up.. very goose-pimples.

up and over the dunes in the jeeps.. 3 musketeers doing stunts on buggies.. finally reached a beautiful dune-top.. decided to set shop there. and we did..
it was the brilliants..
got quick-fire lessons on dune-buggy riding..
all of us had a go.. what a funs!!! what a many funs!!
will put up pics soonest..
have to run now..
like really
maybe later..

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