Friday, December 09, 2005

The Octopus

Finally, after years and years, I made it to Opus.
Watched the Ostrich and buddies playing Hooky. Far, far better setting for brilliant music of the kind that they play. Pat on back for the crowd.

Boomsa was gorgeous in red swari. She was, as remarked upon by a gentleman on alighting from stage, having both traditional and spiritual. Yahahahahah.

Completely enjoyed the entire evening. Even the nibbles we had were good, plus I had a little Double Apple sheesha. 4 puffs exactly, because beyond that I tend to get nauseous.

Joke of the nuit: My fresh Fruit Punch- IRS 175/-
Friend's pint of KingFisher's- IRS 65/-

Ye gods.

Boomsa and Tinkerbell crashed at my house afterwards. Yeah!!!! My house, my house! I can say that after so long. It's a nice, warm and slightly fuzzy feeling.

Had mega-omelettes at about 0130 hrs in the morning because of hunger pangs. Boomsa is veg, but now, thank god, loves omelette. We shall have many more, my frundhsips. Just come off anytimes.


vaibhav said...

Hey, too bad for the sudden accident!! Hows u now?

Manish Bhatt said...

Er, isn't it INR (rather than IRS)?

But you don't care for money now, do ya?


Manish Bhatt said...

Likewise (for the favor). Yer blog is absolutely delightful.

And this Smart-Alec thingie is some sorta knee-jerk reaction. Couldn't eally help it.