Monday, December 19, 2005

Sending out an SOS!!!

There's a reason for 3 exclamation marks in my title. It suggests Urgency.

The crisis is as such.
Am living in divine, large, roomy, airy, comfy, furnished 1-bedroom flat in a pretty sleepy residential part of town.
No, that is not the problem, thank you very much, smarty-pants.
That is the intro to the problem.
The trouble arises in the fact that that current flatmate is moving in to neighboring digs with Her Heartthrob.
Not leaving me in the lurch with immediate effect, but in time, that could be the state of affirs.
The crux of the matter is, if and when it happens, this writer shall not be able to bear the economic burden of monthly rent by her lonesome self. Sob.

So, hence, therefore, thusly, and ergo , am all eyes peeled for new lady persons to move in with me. This is very important. I am firm on this point. I will not have men/boys/ants/goats as flatmates.
This offer is open in Bangalore. For those of you in Delhi, Mumbai, Afghanistan or Jamaica, who jumped up with joy at this serendipitious [spelling ok?] news, too bad. Unless you want to go on living wherever you currently live and split my rent with me anyways?
*beatific smile at the thought*

So. Sing the Police song as stated in the title, and gimme a ring!


vaibhav said...

Guess this ad is clearly not for me.....!!!

LOL... when is she moving out?

longblackveil said...

That's right, Mr V, this ad is unfortunately not meant for you. I am not clear as to whether you be an ant/ goat, but, as stipulated clearly, these are both no-no's.
So sorry.

Current homie moves out as and when I find a new homie.