Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Other Morning

Was having breakfast in our Pork [Pantry at Work].
The fare included Hot Veg Channa Something, along with hot chapatis.
And steaming cups of chai. Nothing to complain about.
Except that the chapatis were slightly overdressed in left-over flour.
Mr Baker had forgotten to do the dusting that morning.
With the end result, that by the time I was done smacking my lips and patting my full stomach, I had white powdery particles all over my clothes, and more obviously, all over my LongBlackVeil [yes, yes, there is a reason I call my blog what I do!]. Mins like to say, I was looking tardy and as though I had just dunked my head in talcum powder.

My kind frund Ruth pointed out to me that I needed to get the muck off me, and I said out loud: Ok, then. I'll just head to the loo and get De-floured.

Umm, really. You try saying it out loud. In a room full of grownups.
That's my story.


vaibhav said...

LOL @ De-floured!! :)

Suma said...

Where was I when you said 'De-floured', child :))?