Monday, November 07, 2005

The Weekend- Part 1

Still recovering from long weekend, followed by a well-tried-but-who're-you-trying-to-fool 2 days of work, and then another long weekend.
The grand newses is that Tits [photo alongside- She looks saucy in blue, yes?]
is back!
A rowdy bunch of individuals [being her Ma, Pa, Parsi-Bhai Nousher, and Me] went to collect her from Bangalore Airport, this Sunday morning at 0025hrs. We made a grand success of being a nuisance to all and sundry. (Especially to sundry, whom we took a dislike to from the word Go.)
Before leaving to get her though, we made a Saturday night of it by ourselves.
We played some mad Scrabble and had a shamefully late dinner at 2330 hrs.
Once again, Aloka took the cake and ate it too. With a blush-indusing word like GROPERS, she creamed us at Round 2. Then on, we played just for the sake of playing. 'Twas all a lost cause. She finished up at almost 300, and Nousher and me hadn't even scraped together a respectable 150 each. Sigh. Oh, well, let it never be said that I'm a sore loser. I grinned and bore it. Again.

At 0000hrs P.D. [Post Dinner], we had this mad craving for a round of decadent dessert. Thereupon ensued a lambasting of The City We Live In, for not having any respectable Patisseries [or for that matter any ol' place] open after 2300hrs. Hugely disappointed, fuming and other suchlikes, and with no time to spare to vent further emotions, we left for the Airport. One faint glimmer of Hope seemed to be a Cafe Coffee Day [or Cofay Caffee Day, as Aloka would have it], at the Airport itself...... Suspenseful music ran in the background while we drove to said premises.
And..... Yayyyyy!!! What a joys when we saw it was up and running. Forgetting fastly about impending arrival of Tits, we headed for a feast at ze Cafe. Had something hilarious called Chocolate Funda.
Pls note: The nomenclature was hilarious, but the taste wasn't.
Oh, yes, it was a lovely.
Grabbed a capuccino, and decided we might as well pick up Tits since we there already.
While whiling away time, waiting for her, we passed snide comments at Tom, Dick and Hari. We hooted. We whooped. We giggled unabashedly. We visualised silly situations of Tits taking so much time to come out because she was going to stroll out with a blond, blue-eyed, tall Swiss hunk, and say: Ma, I have something to tell you....
Then we changed the situish around to make it more plausible- that she'd walk out with a tall, blonnde, blue-eyed Swiss bimbette lady, and NOT a hunk. [This thought truly scared me to the bees of my knees].

Anyway, all said and done, out pop Tits, thankfully all alone and without the blonde vamp of my nightmares in tow. Reached home late [or early, depending on whether you're a glass half empty/full sort].

Sampled Swiss chocolates immediately on arrival of home, just to ensure that her baggage hadn't been swapped and goodies switched with fakes. Err, yes.

And that was that.

Also, my right wrist is paining, and I don't want to type anymore.
There is much more to be said for the weekend, but that will have to be tomorrows.
Oh, please, nahiin nahiniiin, don't hold your collective breaths.


RTP said...

Hello, followed a comments link to your blog. Might I just say it's so nice to hear that there are still people who play scrabble in this world.

RTP said...

Hello, I followed a comments link from another blog to yours. It's so nice to hear that there are still people around who play scrabble, even if it be the mad, late-night variety.

vaibhav said...

HAHAHAHA... seriously... I think that's your funniest post I've read.

Coffay Caffee Day :)

And much to everyone's delight, yes Tits came all alone.

Shubhodeep said...

interesting blog! thanks for visiting mine.
(do visit again)

longblackveil said...

vaibhav: hello, frund. this makes you one reader who had the patience to run through the entire post. hah! another notch on my 'unsuspecting victims' list.

rtp: don't worry, laddie. there are lots of us Scrabblers left. pots of lots. you just need to look for us in the appropriate nooks and crannies. also crevices.

Shubodeep: what a friendly name it has! "pal" and all. glad to visit yours. thank you, come again, for mine.