Thursday, September 29, 2005

Micheal is coming today!!!!
Will make it meet Boomsa, Tits, Chy and other assortments.


vaibhav said...

Didn't understand your previous post about Febi. Who's Febi? *pardon my innocent questions*And by Michael, do you mean MLTR?

Old Monk said...

Wokay, im back in town, cordinate with boomsa and i shall give you ze books.............

longblackveil said...

Dear Innocent
Febi is my girlfriend from chuddy-buddy days.
She is also a highly expectant mother-in-waiting.

And when I say Micheal, I most certainly DO NOT mean MLTR. It is another personality from my real life, with made-up name!

Dear Old Monk
Pls take my co-ordinates.
Anytime, via Boomsa or otherwise.
Koshy's, Jwava's, Barista's, or any old place at all.
Wullcome backs.