Saturday, May 07, 2005

to a jugular bean

first off, gezhundeit! for every phlegm-filled sneeze you execute..

secondly, as to aunt-nephew relations in the mid-east, there are various opinions on the subject.
from a technical viewpoint, i would be entitled to any sort of mischief with said nephew, seeing as the toddler is not the offspring of my immediate brother or sister..also, the factoid of huge-age-gap-female-elder-than-male-blah-blah is a non-issue.
however, 2 huge prohibitory situations exist:
a] i am muchly married.
b] he is but an infant.. paedophilia is [rightly] punishable with all sorts of horrific, err.. punishments. hopefully stoning, lashing and public exceution. [some would say i have strong feelings on this subject].

very glad to have made your acquaintance..any further enquiries on above subject, or others, can be sent ahead without batting eyelids.ta.

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Jugular Bean said...

First off - wowie!!! An entire post dedicated to me...never have I been so honoured! My name is in some sorta internet font! Yay wheeee!

Secondly - I am not per se against any sort of incestuous or suchlike relationship, I was merely asking about the legality os such things in the middle east.

Thirdly - I muchly sympathise with your situation (both the marriage and the lover in question being underage)

very glad to have made your acquaintance too. ta.