Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Febi Bebi

My dearest sweetest Fabida...
God bless, God bless. I was skipping with joy, I was hitting the roof, I was calling up unknown people to say:
Hey!! Hey, you!! My frund from the good older days, my partner in many unspeakables, my madness-equivalent from before I can clearly remember, is now a MOTHER! Can you believe the magic in them few words? The prettiness of everything? The way the colours are all brighter in a "Requiem for a Dream" kind of way?

I'm completely stunned, grinning, and kicked in the extremest.[Ye gods! Not in the 'extremities', in the 'extremest'. There's a world of difference.]
Oh, but I am a happiness.

The Big Day:
Sunday, 23rd September, 2005- circa 1900 hrs, California somewhere.
That would be, let's see, Ramadan 19th/ 20th, Hijri 1426, yes?

Spoke with your Samir the next morning. Could hear him smiling all the way over here.
He says you have a whopper: 4kgs and then some.. Yay!
Tell me fastestly what name you decide upon.

I am going away now. To do a celebratory tribal jig. In some corner where innocent children won't be liable to chance upon such a ghastly sight... We hope.


swati said...

hey there is something that you and other bloggers can do.

spread the word to your friends and the rest of the blog-world to get off their lazy cyber asses. - swati
P.S: i totally understand your anger. ive been that way too.

longblackveil said...

Swati: Good girl!
That's a very useful site you linked us to.

vaibhav said...

Err.. now the name thing got me thinking?


Hmm... how about Vaibhav?

Old Monk said...


longblackveil said...

oldmonk: Thankses. Have finished Thud and Going Postal, am on Hatful of Sky just now. But am rereading the others with great gusto. happy, and I'm smiling...

longblackveil said...

vaibhav: Sorry, frund. Name has been appointed. 'Vaibhav' finished a close second.

Euphoric Dreamer said...