Saturday, October 01, 2005

Yesterday, being a second Friday [I swear I don't know when the original
First Friday was], there was the thingamajig-gig that always happens at at B'ista.

Li'l Jude sang with siblings. 2 of them, in fact.
She was, and they all were, very brilliant. Superb song selections.
K.D. Lang, and Del Amitri, John Mayer.

Coming back to the siblings.....
Have come away crushed on either/or. Depending on whether the song was
heavily acoustic guitarred, or, on the other hand, heavily electrified.

I swung both ways last night!


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Roger Stevens said...

Hi -

You see someone's left a comment, get all excited and then find out it's spam! I think you can use that visual identification thing to remove it. I must try and figure out how to add that to mine.

Meanwhile - enjoyed your train journey.

By the way - did you know that in the UK - to swing both ways means that you are bisexual? Maybe you did and you're making a joke.

Anyway - enjoying your blogs!

Have a great time with Michael.


Old Monk said...

Did u get the books?? I gave them to Boomsa in fri.

longblackveil said...

rstevens: Dont' you worry, laddie. We all know what swinging both ways is. Was meant in all earnest humour!

OldMonk: Yay!! Many thanksyooz. Have not actually held said reading material in hands yet, but have received message of grand arrival of the same.
Drooling is occurrences.

vaibhav said...

ha ha ha... swinging both ways!! :) hey good they played john mayer. nice acoustic stuff na? Love his songs esp. "your body is a wonderland"

sho said...

And here I make my grand entrance....its so complicated comapred to Boomsa's....anyway did u say post tit????You remember my proposition last night....well its switched OFF....kabhi nahiin....chwee....

longblackveil said...

Sho: Hey, tits!
Well-comes. Yahahah.