Sunday, February 06, 2005

have just been and remembered shakti... am insanely muddled up for the anon, as will be explained.. the show itself was a very beauteous.. it mysteriously coincided with what-should-be vasantahabba in bangalore. at least i think so, it being the first saturday of february. shall confirm with a boomsa.

as expected, it was a stunner.. as not fully expected, it was cold as dammit.. thank god for my semi-pashmina.. i wrapped the self up meticulously, allowing third parties the luxury of assuming that i was a cocoon. scoff. if third parties are more interested in larvae housing than a show of such mindblowing genius, who's loss is it i ask you?

as soon as the artists appeared and began taking their positions on stage, my insides started to upheave [yes, they did. and yes, i can make unverby words verbs if i so feel like it].

i remembered a hundred thousand moments, all from my yesterdays in bangalore with old-friends-bookends.. sharing a mutual something in a glance. and smiling. understanding a silence. laughing at the same inanities. feeling wrath at trashpeople one eventually comes upon in a crowd.. or not...falling freely into the music. very happily. wholly.
and many things.
i have been spoilt for life in bangalore. i won't ever be able to go through a concert again without feeling 'it would have been so much better back there'...

so anyway, when the show started and the maestros ran into the intro, the self started sobbing.. at the beauty of it, and also at the sadness of it.. hot tears down cold cheeks.
and the show went on and made me feel better and worse.
*much love to my boomsa*always always* in ways that you will never understand*

zakir hussain is hot stuff. not just his performance tonight, but his kyoot onstage presence. very lovable-laughable. loved him fully. his troupe/co-performers all took me back to the good old days: selva ganesh, vikku vinayakram, mandolin srinivas, shankar mahadevan,a.k. palanivel and taufiq qureishi [his youngest brother, didn't you know]. plus john mclaughlin, a jazz guitarist. divine things were happening. they were all talking to each other with their music.. and almost entirely jamming . i think there were two old numbers, but all the rest were spontaneous pieces. oh, and the sweetest thing happened. in the middle of their frenzied conversation on the tablas, mridangams, mandolins, guitars, drums and things, someone went a bit awry and they all screeched to an awkward halt and then burst out laughing..
very heart warming..

i could go on, but really, i don't need to.
plus im very drained tonight.
plus do i really need to make excuses to a computer screen..

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Boomsa said...

much love to you too, me dear. cannot explain how it felt to be at the sting show and not have you there. but one day, it will all happen. dave matthews, remember? what i once wrote for the potato now holds good for you. one day, it will be same place same time. and our coffees will grow cold together.
sniffles and loves.