Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Was running through some of my older rants, and realized this piece reads as if I wrote it in the first person, painful-teary-personal-horrific-experience mode. It was not so.
More's the pity. I have never ever been in love. [Ohmigawd! Almost over the hill and nothing yet?] Had a massive crush in teen days, but we know the difference, don't we?
Anyway... That piece was a letting loose of rage on my darling friends' behalfs [behalves?]. Which actually means I ran my mouth off on a subject I have only been a repeat-viewer to. Disturbing.


Fahad said...

Woah! Well written.
The saddest part is, it's true.
I say this based on the actions of most of my friends. I fail to understand why they do this, but they do. I think they get scared of a lifetime commitment or something, or they get scared of the thought of being bound down by ONE woman.

Having said this, a message to all the hot women...I am NOT those men (ala saladdin in Kingdom of Heaven)
I have my balls (I can't believe Sabbah used that word haha) firmly in place thank you hahahaha.
So quick...form a line to the left...Registrations on the right.

Thank you. Come again.

longblackveil said...

Okay, okay, Fahadiboo. Your vitals are intact. But so say all menfolk. Now, let's sit on the sidelines and watch the proceedings when push comes to shove, eh?
But, okay. I'll take your word for it....

Fahad said...

ROFL@vitals are intact.

Indeed. I agree all men probably say that. But I'd like to believe I'm better.hehehehaw.

Where's the line? Can't believe it's taking so long. Pfft...chicks nowadays are high maintainance :p

longblackveil said...

*grits teeth and cringes* at "chick".

Fahad said...

haha. I apologise for using non-khandaani and non-shareef words :p

It should have read - Women these days are high maintainance...:p