Thursday, September 20, 2007

D-d-d-dil, dil, Pakistaaaaannnn!

The title is an old Vital Signs song [1989 release] that has since become a background score for most of Pakistan's cricket tribute videos and promos. It has the whole '80s organ, synthesizer sound going. ;-) [For those of you who know it, you have to be smiling already.]
Have a look at one of the many cricket montages with this song as b/g.

As to last night: Excellent, lads! But, this is almost too good to be true!
Pakistan pulled another superb six-wicket victory, this time over Australia at Jo'burg yesternight. Shoaib and Misbah did their magic with a 119-run partnership after the Pakis were tottering early on in the innings. Things started off pretty well with Mohd Hafeez in to open instead of Salman Butt. But, as expected, one quick wicket followed another and the score suddenly stood at 46 for 4. Us Pak fans were in the familiar posish of biting nails, experiencing belly-flutters and in general thinking up various ingenious ways to kill ourselves. "NOT AGAIN!", was the general cry.
And then, and then...... this happened!

Apart from the dreamy Misbah-Shoaib partnership, Shahid Afridi shone out in his performance once again. Great bowling, superb fielding and that oh-so-sweet squint-eyed smile. This Pathan has come into his own in the T20 format. All we need now is a really berserk batting innings from him to bring us to tears at the pure joyous madness of it all.
Did you see him hit the stumps quickly, calmly and with great smoothness to run Clarke out? I did. Vaav!
Cheers to you, boys. Try for the Cup, why not?

In the meanwhile, India has just pulled off a great victory over England. They posted a huge total of 218 in their 20 overs, thanks to a fantastic half-century by Yuvraj in just 12 balls. This included a goosie-inducing six sixes in one over off poor, poor Stuart Broad. India now have a crucial match against SA tomorrow which will decide whether they continue in the tournament or not. I hope they make it through- it means another possible India-Pak play-off.

Which reminds me- India v. Pak series coming up in November-December in India. Will they come to Bangalore? Will they? Will I get the chance to stalk the Pakis at their hotel and scream shamelessly during matches LIVE AT THE STADIUM? .......
Here's hoping.

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