Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Absolutely love the new MOTORAZR2, or what it promises to be anyway. I have always had a Motorola from the time I got my first cell phone [not too many years ago]. Am currently using the sweet ol' MotoRAZRV3i for over a year now and think it's the best phone ever [for my purposes]. Battle scars and many falls later, it still works wonderfully well.
Am thinking of upgrading soon, provided the whole world and its uncle don't go out and buy it before me. On the other hand, my current phone works just fine so maybe not. I can go and stare at the RAZR2 and have demos at the mobile stores once in a while.

The current ad for the MotoRAZR2 is great. It's one of my favorites, close on the heels of the Happy Dent "Mera Dil Roshan... Mera Mann Roshan..." one.
Love the story, both actors, the choreography, the chemistry between the two, and of course, the very excellent soundtrack song: Le Disko by Shiny Toy Guns. Which I have just downloaded. (And which is a type of song I might not have liked if I had heard it on its ownsome.)

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