Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tommy Haas

Let's talk about Tommy Haas. How hot is he? The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind, which is to say that when the wind is blowing against him, what abs! What abs! Visually appealing and how. So, in conclusion, Tommy Haas is VERY hot. Rrrrrr!
He also happens to be a darling mix of the two thespians upstairs: Matt Dillon and Ethan Hawke. Plus a dash of something uniquely him. Very nice end result.

I am watching his quarterfinals versus Nikolai Davydenko, who is a brilliant player and I really like him, as I am posting this. Davydenko is already up 2 sets. But Haas is [I am hoping] clawing his way back in. We are at 2-2 in Set 3, and at Deuce because Tommy just can't seem to take his game. Oh, great, Tommy's just made another error on his drop shot and is facing break.... Wait, wait, okay. Deuce again.
It's a bloody good match as predicted earlier.
I think, however, that Nikolai just might take it.

...Sigh. It's no use. Davydenko's just broken. Straight sets win, maybe?
Like I metioned elsewhere, Davydenko is kicking some Haas.


Jellicles said... if...esp without a picture of davydenko?

Jellicles said...


tommy haas is indeed the answer!

longblackveil said...

*nods* yes. this is true.