Thursday, September 13, 2007

Two more reasons I hate Ponting

1. Obviously, he looks like my favourite person's twin so that can't be a good thing. Immediate negative marking for looking like George Bush. Must have been separated at birth, as blogged here.
While we are on the topic of his looks, more minus points for Ricky Ponting being very hairy. And he doesn't take the trouble to go wax/shave himself like some considerate men. [Akshay Kumar, Sanjay Dutt.] ;)
2. In last night's match against the amazing Zimbabweans [fantastic, thrilling match!], I saw Dirty Ricky SPIT ON HIS HANDS AND RUB THEM TOGETHER NO LESS THAN 10 TIMES. Why? Why would anyone do that? Yuk. Gross. I was cringing the whole time after the match when he was shaking the Zimbabweans' hands and my whole being was screaming, "Nooooo! He's filthy! Go wash your hands immediately!"


Athena00181 said...

LOL..I share your sentiment, both about them being separated at birth and the Dirtiness of Ponting.

PS: Ready for a scrabble rematch?

kinkminos said...

reading this post i was reminded of a passage from my current favourite journal, written shortly after the end of the 2005 ashes series.

"Australia’s struggles have made Ponting the most compelling figure in [the 2005 Ashes] series, a man who seems permanently on the cusp between complacency and mental anguish... He cuts a curious figure on the field, compact, self-contained, quintessentially Australian in his weather-beaten baggy green cap, but also fidgety and uncertain, his close-set, small, deliberately blinking eyes striving to give off an air of preternatural calm while also hinting at a vacancy and a sense of drift underneath. I spent the first part of the series convinced he reminded me of someone, but unable to work out who. I have enjoyed the second part of the series all the more since realising who it was: the preternaturally calm, complacent yet anguished leader of the free world, whose close-set, small, deliberately blinking eyes give off exactly the same impression."

Cricket’s Superpowers
David Runciman

London Review of Books

longblackveil said...

Excellent. Cricket-lovers zindabad.

The resemblance came to me suddenly one day. I had been worrying internally as to why I detested Ponting without any valid reason, more so so since he IS a good player and I normally apreciate good players. Obviously my subconscious had worked it out ages ago. In the face [!!!] of such horrifying aesthetics, my sporting nobility would have to take a back seat.

longblackveil said...


kinkminos said...

yes there's that, isn't there!
if i'm the hhonest with my-salf (not that there's much precedent in this regard) i would have to admit that not only is ricky-tick a dem fine player, what! but that on current form he is the best batsman in the world. (ouch, what is that sudden painful twinge in the region of my left pec.) yes, even better than style-maestro m. yousuf ghazi.