Sunday, March 18, 2007

Haw haw

Well done, Ireland. A wet fish smack in the face of the "champions" Pakistan. Damn them. Growing up being a huge fan, drooling every time Imran Khan deigned to smile, crinkly eyes and all, actual breathing trouble when Wasim and Waqar would clean up the oppositon [and especially when Wasim would smile, glare, stare, huff up, even do nothing, so long as that hot mama was on screen], Saeed Anwar pre- and post- ghastly beard stage, Moin Khan yakking non-stop behind the stumps, "Val done, bvois, val done!", Inzy lazily winning matches, Abdul Razzak being a serious good boy, Saqlain and more recently Danish looking nuts during their bowling and also otherwise, Shahid Berserk Afridi shamelessly losing it more often than not on-field, and hundreds of other tiny, proud memories over the years. And it's all come to this. *Bitter laughter to fade*
Standing ovation to Bangladesh and Ireland. Show them what's what.

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NaVeed said...

what a frustrated emotional release... WOW !!!!!!!! :P