Saturday, November 13, 2004


mins like, a venting of emotions..
im trying to wash out my potty-mouth and never use swear words again.. tee heee.. i mean, except for when im really riled..
[and also as vell 'damn', 'dammit', 'hotdammit', 'pissed', 'stuppidd', 'idiot', 'shutttupyourmouthok' and such like dont count as cusswords. i can use them].
also, this does not mean that i dont appreciate the appropriate use of cuss words and other such satisfying outlets for venom when done in a classy and tasteful manner.. cf: Vernon God Little.. whattabook!
lovely lovely and aslo lovely. i mean, of course not in a make-you-feel-good, warm and fuzzy inside sort of way, but in a way that we sorts like it..
boomsa, will try and post it to you. dont buy it yet, i have a nice new copy for thee.

uh oh, i must aways..


lurchytopple said...

wowwwwww what a lucky that boomsa is!!

Boomsa said...

thank you, me gorgeous! what a gorgeous gorgeous it is.