Friday, September 15, 2006


Quick acknowledgement in the face of scary accusations of plagiarism:

The credit for title of previous post "Post party-um Depression", must be duly shared with one Giggly Items whose beautilful blog is linked on the right.
It has taken offence that I have passed it off as mine without so much as a blink. Well, well, well. I am blinking like anything. Like Bertie, in fact. I have no qualms in admitting that great minds think alike and that, in our case, dearest Giggles, even at the exact same time. Mooahahaha.

Guess we'll have to mud-wrestle to decide this one.
On that optimistic note, have a supaar weekends. Ta!


Giggly Items said...

My dearest deflouring Items,

Me and you mud-wrestle? Ha! Have you seen me anatomy at close-quarters and halves and all kinds of fractions? You have and yet you invite, invoke even, me wrath.

I shall pin you down like anything and then some. Mooahahahaha.

Lovingly yours.

vaibhav said...

Long time no blog see!
But i caught up on all your posts... enjoy your weekend!

Old Monk said...

Hello LBV...

I just saw your post on my blog. Sorry for the dealy, Im in the UK at the moment....ill get in touch, when I get back home, and at sonme point in time we shall meet to swap books. Till then...have fun..
Old Monk..

vaibhav said...

More than 2 months has passed since an update... please to do!